How To Use Text Marquee In WordPress With Borderless Plugin & Elementor

In today’s WordPress Borderless plugin tutorial, we’ll learn how to add and use the amazing text Marquee element in your WordPress in order to create an animated text slider in a simple, fast and free method.

What Is Marquee Text? #

The marquee element can be a welcome addition to any web designer’s skill pack. It adds some movement to one side and prevents it from being completely still. It works for other elements, including images, static text, and buttons. Finally, with the right plugins, it can be effortless to add and style to match the website’s design. For example, we use the Marquee text effect to show some features of our themes.

We’ve rounded up the best things about marquees. Their versatility, ease of use, and sleek looks. Moreover, brought them to you in a straightforward marquee widget. It’s one of the 60 widgets that make up Borderless for Elementor, the most extensive collection of free custom widgets for Elementor.

You are welcome to explore all the great widgets in the plugin, but we take this opportunity to show some of the Text Marquee widget’s uses. Hopefully, it should encourage you to create your fantastic marquee. In the article, you will learn about: Creating a Text Marquee in WordPress. Edit the contents of the marquee. Design marquee. Apply the finishing touches.

First Steps #

Since the widget is only available for Elementor, you should first install and activate this famous page builder. Our Elementor Borderless Plugin plugin works equally well with the free or pro version of Elementor.

Navigate to a post or page after installing and activating the Elementor and Borderless plugins. It can be an existing post or page or create a new one to play with. Once a page or post is open and edited with Elementor, use the menu on the left to find the Text Marquee widget. We’ll be glad if you drag it to the first free section.

Edit Contents #

Editing the contents of a marquee is very simple Subtitle text consists of several parts – you can see these items in the left menu. If you want to add more stories, click the Add Item button. Deleting an item is as simple as pressing the ” x ” button next to each text marquee WordPress item. We decided to reduce the number of articles to two.

Edit Marquee text - Borderless WordPress plugin

To change the text of an element, all you have to do is click on it. You can choose from various text styles in the styles menu, but for now, you can only change what the element says here. So first, we all switch to auto-scroll. Now that the marquee’s content is set, we can move on to styling.

Design Marquee Text #

The style options will open a color picker where you can select or enter the hex code of the desired color. However, we are more interested in the typography options, where we can choose the font, size, weight, style, line height, and spacing for the Borderless text marquee in WordPress.

The next exciting option is the Text Stroke Effect – we changed it. Yes, which makes our text an outline. This opens up additional options for changing the text stroke color – we changed ours to #181818 – and the text stroke width we didn’t change. Finally, the last option allows you to change the spacing between elements – we changed it to 25.

The example we created contains an overlay where our marquee text runs below the image and above some text. The marquee itself is full width, not boxed. We change it by pressing the edit section button for the section containing the marquee and then setting the content width to full width in the layout options. As for images and text, we added a two-column section, one with a section header widget and the other with an image widget. Then we selected the entire area and set the top margin to -125 in its advanced options.

Video Tutorial #

Conclusion #

WordPress offers endless customization options with page builders like Elementor and plugins like Borderless text marquee for Elementor. We show you how to design a perfect text marquee in just a few clicks and even add an image. But no doubt you’ll find another way to use this widget and make it your own.

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