Import WordPress Theme Demo Content

Import WordPress Theme Demo Content #

In this post, you’ll learn how to import WordPress theme demo content using the WordPress native plugin. When you upload a theme (any theme) on your WordPress it comes from the zero. As a result, with no content, free to you create your own design. To start with, you uploaded and active on your WordPress the tools to be able to build a site like a demo site or better, not a site itself. So we suggest you take a look at the theme online docs and on the tutorials to see how to create pages.

How To Import WordPress Theme Demo Content Manually? #

Firstly, the demonstrative site pages of the theme are just an example of a website that can be created with the theme features. It’s impossible for WordPress to download an entire site content while theme installation/upload process. The hosts simply did not support it and give-up the process replying with an error message. As a result, you need to do this process in another area. As a separated process. 

If you want your site looking like our demo site you will need to find a file on the theme folders called ‘sample.xml’ or ‘demo-content.xml’. in the ‘demo’ file. It’s a .XML file downloaded on the big theme folder that you get on the marketplace where you have downloaded your theme. Extract it. Just drag it and drop out of the folder, maybe on your desktop. 

Secondly, Install an import plugin on your WordPress. (This one ) and import it on your site, go to wp-dashboard > ‘Tools’ > import’ > WordPress.

Import WordPress Theme Demo Content
WordPress Import Native Plugin

Select ‘sample.xml’ the folder you have dropped on your desktop or any other area of your computer.

Finally, it can take some time according to the host service and speed. Its because you are importing big data and a lot of content. In addition, sometimes your host simply gives up from the process at the beginning and reply you with an error log or a blank page and you need to reply to the process. not a problem with it, you just need to try it out again.

Import WordPress Theme Demo Content
WordPress Tools – Import Process

Import WordPress Theme Demo Content Final Notes #

NOTE: If you do not select the ‘import attachments’ options this process will be much easier for your host. It’ because once it will not download all the hundreds of images present on the theme demo. However, still downloading the entire pages of layouts and content.

NOTE 2: in the case of errors: Some hosts apply low-size options on your php.ini folder, this file is very important and you can change/edit it in a way you don’t have this upload issues, you can contact your host support crew and ask for make bigger upload size limits on your php.ini. The lines you need to found and make bigger on your php.ini is: memory_limit = 32M / upload_max_filesize = 24M / post_max_size = 32M (number is just examples, bigger is better in this case) This guide can help you also

How to Import WordPress Theme Demo Content by Visualmodo


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