Install Borderless WordPress Plugin For Free

In this tutorial, you’ll learn a simple, fast, and effective method to install the best multi-page builder addon Borderless WordPress plugin for free.

Borderless is an amazing multi-page builder add-ons plugin, so, it adds to your favorite page builder extra elements, widgets, features, and options to empower it. From custom post types, testimonial elements to special sidebar and footer widgets, Borderless is all you need to enlarge your options while site design for free.

Install Plugin From Dashboard #

Install Borderless as a regular WordPress plugin. Firstly, log in to your WordPress website, and move to the dashboard. After this, navigate to Plugins > Add New > In the search field type ‘Borderless’. Secondly, Click on the Install button and finally click on the Activate button so you can start using the plugin for free.

How To Install Borderless WordPress Plugin From File #

Firstly, you can download the Borderless .ZIP files on the WordPress org website. Secondly, go to WordPress Dashboard. Plugins. Click on the Add New. In addition, Hit ‘Chose file’. Select the ‘’ file. Upload and activate the plugin.

As soon as you install your plugin you’ll be able to see amazing widgets, blocks, and elements on your favorite page builder, like the slider widget and the Marque widget for Elementor for example after the Borderless WordPress plugin install process.

Video Tutorial #

Video Tutorial

You can follow the video tutorial above to see an effective method for installing your WordPress plugin. and you’re free to contact us anytime if you need help.

Enhance your Elementor page building experience with 80+ creative elements and extensions. Enhance your page builder with our easy-to-use elements designed to make designing your next WordPress pages and posts easier and more beautiful than ever. So, install Borderless WordPress plugin now. Each element comes with a bunch of options that you can use to customize your site in any way you can think of. You can achieve almost any design with your imagination.

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