Pollen WordPress Plugin Documentation

This is the Pollen WordPress plugin documentation, our complete guide that shows how to use the Visualmodo free plugin on your WordPress site

Updated on April 11, 2024
Pollen WordPress Plugin Documentation

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Firstly, welcome to Pollen WordPress Plugin Documentation! If you need anything, feels free to ask questions by contacting our 24 hours support accessing your Account and opening tickets, you are free to open as many tickets as you want. This is the instruction manual for the Pollen WordPress Plugin powered by Visualmodo. So, we ask that you read this document carefully as it will help you a lot in creating your website because it shows you a lot of information about the theme. In addition, we suggest you take a look in the help area on the Help Desk for video tutorials and step-by-step guides.

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Last Update

Mar. 15, 2021


WordPress 5.7+



Installing Pollen WordPress Plugin

Firstly, you need to install and activate the WPBakery Page Builder WordPress plugin. This installation’s essential for a WPBakery Page Builder addons usage. So, install Pollen as a regular WordPress plugin.

Secondly, you can download the Pollen WordPress plugin. ZIP files here and got to WordPress Dashboard. Plugins. Add New. Upload. Hit ‘Chose file.’ Select ‘pollen.zip’ file. Upload and activate the plugin. Moreover, you can install the plugin without the need for files. Directly on the WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugin. Add New. Search for ‘Pollen’ and click on the ‘Install button. Finally, click on ‘activate.’

In addition, Pollen – WPBakery Page Builder Addons works like other page builder addon plugins. As a result, go to ‘Pages. ‘Add new’ then click on WPBakery Page builder then click on Add Element. So you should see the Page Builder Addons tab as Name “Pollen” on the top menu. Finally, click on it you will see a growing elements list of all the plugin drag and drop components.

Pollen WordPress Plugin Options Panel Documentation

Firstly, to access the plugin options panel, you’ll need to log into your WordPress. Dashboard. Pollen, General Settings. in this settings panel, you can enable or disable any plugin elements that you will not use. In addition, you can change the plugin’s global or custom colors. Secondly, you can apply custom CSS codes to the plugin elements in the CSS custom field. Finally, you can import and export these settings panel options. See the image below of Pollen WordPress documentation part 2.

Pollen WordPress Plugin Documentation - Options Panel = Settings
Settings Panel – Pollen WordPress Plugin Documentation

Upload and Icons Usage Guide

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn the best method to upload custom icons and use them on your WordPress website for free with the Icon component of Pollen WordPress plugin, a WPBakpery page builder free addons. So, simply and easily, you can have thousands of customizable icons on your WordPress.

Alert Component Usage Guide

In this WordPress plugin video tutorial you’ll learn how to use the Alert component of Pollen WordPress Plugin, the best free WPBakery page builder addon plugin for WordPress. So, in a simple any easy method. Alert messages are really useful when you want to display some notice of change or action required across your website.

Counter Component Usage Guide

In this WordPress video tutorial, we’ll learn how to use the counter component of the Pollen WordPress plugin – Addons of WPBakery Page Builder in a simple and easy method. In addition, with this element, you can create beautiful layouts combining icons, titles, and numbers to engage site visitors.

Testimonial Component Usage Guide

In this WordPress plugin video tutorial will show to use the Testimonial component of the Pollen WordPress Plugin – WPBakery Page Builder Free Addons. In addition, we’ll create a page layout using this page builder element simply and easily to display your product or service testimonials beautifully into your WordPress website.

Progress Bar Component Usage Guide

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use the Progress Bar component in the Pollen WordPress Plugin – Free WPBakery Page Builder Addons. Moreover, In a simple any easy way you’ll learn how to fully customize the progress bar element.

Circular Progress Bar Component Usage Guide

In this WordPress video tutorial we’ll learn how to use and customize the Circular Progress Bar component on the Pollen WordPress plugin WPBakey page builder free addons in a simple and easy method. Moreover, we’ll see how to create a page layout using this page builder element and combine icons, colors and progress bars to create elegant ways to display data across your website.

List Group Component Usage Guide

In this Pollen WordPress plugin video tutorial, we’ll learn how to use the List Group component on your WordPress website in a simple, easy, and fast method. Also, you’ll see some usage examples of this page builder element and how to customize and edit it in the way that you want.

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