Rows, Columns, Margin and Padding

Rows, Columns, Margin and Padding in WordPress #

In this tutorial, you will see how to use Rows Columns Margin and Padding running the Visual Composer WordPress plugin and our Visualmodo themes in an easy way to add the page layout you want and organize it to better show your site content.

Firstly, start you need to login on your WordPress panel and open the page editor to have access to your Page Builder, WP > dashboard > Pages > add new or select some page > click on ‘front-end editor or back-end editor and select the ‘row’ element as is shown on the videos below for rows columns margin and padding.

NOTE: In order to set columns within row to be equal height you must navigate to row parameter window and check Equal height option to be active. All columns within this row will have equal height and align to the longest column.

In order to control the vertical alignment of content within rows/columns navigate to the row parameter window. Select position of content – top, middle or bottom. The default value is set to “Default” as a result, it will use ‘Top’ or any other alternative if defined within your WP theme.

Finally, column vertical-alignment can be controlled for rows which have been set to ‘full height’. If the row has full height parameter active you can use column position controls available in the row parameter window. Finally, the videos above will share how to edit the rows, columns margin and padding.

Using rows, columns, margin and padding In WordPress. Running the Visual Composer Drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin. In addition with Visualmodo themes

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