Upload Custom Font Icons In Borderless WordPress Plugin

In this tutorial, you’ll learn a simple, fast, and effective method to upload custom font icons to your WordPress website using the Borderless Plugin for free. Moreover, you’ll be able to use those icons on your page-building process calling them using the Borderless widgets and elements. Before anything, make sure that you have the Borderless WordPress plugin installed.

How To Upload Custom Font Icons in Borderless? #

WordPress Dashboard Panel Access

Firstly, move to your WordPress dashboard > Under the ‘Borderless’ button on the left side, click on ‘Icon Fonts’. Secondly, click on the button ‘Add New Icon Pack’. This will own a window of your media library, where you can upload your icon pack. Or select one from the media library. In addition, NOTE: If you’re a PRO user of Borderless, your demonstrative website will have an icon pack present on it. So, you should see a .zip file already present in your media library if you do the demo import process. If you’re a free using, you can search for free icon packs to upload.

As soon as you select your icon pack you can add it to this page, the page will reload and you’ll be able to use your icon pages calling the widgets on your pages. Finally, in the case that you want you can delete the icon pack from your WordPress website using the Borderless icons upload page.

Video Tutorial #

How To Upload Custom Icon Packs into WordPress for Free Using Borderless WordPress Plugin?

You can create your own icon packs to upload on your site, using some online tools, it must be in .zip format, or you can download the free ones here. There are places where you can purchase custom icon packs for your project as well. Finally, is all up to you and your project needs after icons upload on Borderless. If you need help or ideas feel free to contact our support on your account.

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