WordPress Counter Element & Widget Usage Guide

WordPress Counter Element #

This usage tutorial in our guide area will show you how to create a WordPress Counter number Element, feature, and widget simply and effectively. Using our Borderless plugin ‘counter’ element and edit it in an easy way using our WordPress plugin. See the element in use on https://theme.visualmodo.com/marvel/counter/

Firstly, ensure you have installed your visual elements plugin (exclusive Visualmodo plugin) to have this element on your page builder elements list. To install the plugin, you can follow step #2 on the theme’s online documentation.

Secondly, navigate to your WordPress dashboard > Pages > Add new > click on back-end or front-end editor > Add Element < one on the elements selector click on the ‘visual elements’ tab > select the ‘counter’ element.

How To Use Counter Widget – Elementor #

Note: To make it work, make sure you have Borderless WordPress plugin (Free) present on your WordPress website among the Elementor page builder (free).

  1. Go to Your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Pages and click on ‘Add New’ or go to a previously made page
  3. Click on ‘Edit with Elementor’
  4. Once the page front-end editor loads, review the left sidebar of widgets and scroll it down until you see the ‘counter’ widget or use the search field at the top.
  5. Select the Widget called ‘counter’

Alt Option For WordPress Counter Feature #

The counter number plugin’s design is derived from the most recent CSS animations and is compatible with all major browsers. It’s simple to upload Counter’s Number statistics. They can easily modify their records, such as titles, counters, and icons. This usage tutorial in our guide area will show you how to create a WordPress Counter number Element, feature, and widget simply and effect

Counter Page Builder Element Usage – WPBakery #

A Counter WordPress section editor window will appear to you can add the information. Value. Speed. Initial value. Icons and the typography are in another tab to use the WordPress Counter Element.

Just fulfill all the fields with your information and save the section by closing the editor window and repeating the process to add more counters elements.

In addition, You can organize the counter elements in a row/columns & section system. With your layout, so you can build the style you want. Moreover, using other page builder elements for it, please take a look at this guide.

Finally, on our YouTube channel, you’ll be able to find additional guides for your page builder usage.

WP Number-Counter Benefits #

Counterweights are beneficial visual components that can inspire you with multiple creative methods of exhibiting your accomplishments.

They enable you to demonstrate anything from the number of clients you’ve worked with to the number of projects you’ve completed to the number of people who have visited your website or other significant statistics.

By adding counters to your WordPress website, you can quickly draw the attention of your visitors and efficiently share valuable information. This can also help to increase the overall credibility of your brand.

WordPress Counter Element by Visualmodo WordPress Themes

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