WordPress Header Settings

WordPress Header Settings #

In this tutorial on Visualmodo knowledge base, we will show you how to completely change your header style on your page editor or on your entire site using our WordPress header settings on our Themes.

To start to go on the page that you want to edit by going to your WordPress panel/dashboard ‘Pages’ area, select the page or click on ‘add new’ to create a new one. Once on the editor page scroll the page editor down until you the ‘Options” > “Layout” < area, in this area, you will see a lot of options to customize your page. Make sure that your header settings are enabled if these options are disabled your header will not appear. On Visualmodo WordPress themes you can edit thing for each page or for a global site, in this tutorial we will show how to edit this setting on only one page. You will see that you can do a lot of things in your header so in this tutorial we will explain how to do the main things.

How to create a simple header style? #

To create a simple header style without images on header or slider shows you don’t need to change anything on your page settings, the default  option on this area will create a normal header style like this one http://theme.visualmodo.com/ink/ 

How To apply text/caption in my header? #

For it you need to scroll your page down until you see two fields called ‘Page Title’ and ‘Page Caption’ also make sure you set as ‘enable’ the next option called ‘Page Header Text’ to the first 2 options be showed. NOTE: In the case, you apply for a slider show on your page this options of text will not be showed.

How to apply background image on the header? #

To apply an image on your header you need to scroll down your page until you see a field area called ‘Layout Header title’, you will need to select the ‘background image’ button to use an image from your WordPress Media Library. After you need to upload the image and apply on your image the position and a ‘background color’ (you can select just a while color to not affect the image effects but you need to set one) and also type the page title or caption. Please take a look at this attached photo, this will show the header image settings of this page http://theme.visualmodo.com/ink/about-me/.


How to apply a slide show in my header? #

In the case you want to apply a slider show created using the revolution slider plugin on your header please take a look on this other tutorial https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/using-rev-slider-wordpress-plugin/.

How to create a header with a transparent menu? (Overlay) #

On your page Options panel select the ‘settings’ tab, once on it just select the ‘navigation menu overlay’ and set the style you want, in the case you don’t want this effect just set is as ‘no’ in the case you want your images or sliders overlay the menu just set the menu colors you want.

Try to follow this setting of options to make your header navigation menu and logo be white and while scrolling site down it be in dark colors, this is the settings that we used on this page http://theme.visualmodo.com/ink/contact/  Please make sure you have all your logo properly added to WP dashboard > Visualmodo > Theme Options > Header > Logo < area.

How to remove the page heading area? #

To remove the page title heading area you need to select as ‘NO’ on the ‘Layout Header Title’ option on the page options LAYOUT tab. If you remove this is your page will only show the navigation menu and the page body content.

How to use your WordPress header settings on your Themes – By Visualmodo

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