WordPress Testimonial Section Creation Guide

WordPress Testimonial Section Tutorial #

In today’s guide & tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a WordPress testimonial section, tips, and block creation ideas to share your customers and clients’ reviews.

WordPress Testimonial Section Creation Guide

In this tutorial in our guide section, we will show you how to create a¬†WordPress Testimonial Section using our different methods. Including our Borderless plugin ‘testimonial’ element and editing it easily using our WordPress plugin. See the element in use on¬†http://theme.visualmodo.com/marvel/testimonial/

Elemento Usage in WPBakery Page Builder + Borderless #

After all, make sure you have installed your Borderless plugin (Free Visualmodo plugin on wp.org) to have this element on your page builder elements list. You can follow step #2 on themes online documentation to install the plugins.

The first step is navigate to your WordPress dashboard > Pages > Add new > click on back-end or front-end editor > Add Element < one on the elements selector click on the ‘visual elements’ tab > select the ‘testimonial’ element.

WordPress testimonial element WPBakery

A second section will appear on your page so you can add the ‘testimonial section’ just click on the ‘+’ (plus) button and select the element. Keep reading the WordPress testimonial section creation guide.

WordPress Testimonial Section feature WPBakery

A testimonial WordPress section editor window will appear to you can add the information, name, occupation, people, or company photo, and the text itself, fulfill all the fields with your information, and save the section from closing the editor window and repeating the process to add more testimonial sections.

Testimonial window edit block

WordPress testimonial section by Visualmodo WordPress Themes

Widget Usage In Elementor Plugin + Borderless #

Before starting, make sure that you already have your Elementor page builder (free or premium) and Borderless plugin (Free or pro) installed on your WordPress site.



  • Firstly, go to your website’s WordPress dashboard
  • Secondly, from the left sidebar of menus, hover your mouse over ‘Pages’ (Or custom post types).
  • Click on ‘Add New’ and click on the ‘Edit with Elementor’ button.
  • As soon as the front-end page editor loads, review the left sidebar of widgets. Scroll it down until you see the ‘Borderless’ widgets section.
  • From it, select the one called ‘Testimonial’ like in the image.
  • You’re free to customize it following the video tutorial below.
  • Finally, you can customize the details by adding the deployment text or review and the person’s photo & name.
  • Keep reading the WordPress testimonial section creation guide.

Video tutorial

Alt Option for Adding Reviews For Free – WordPress Testimonial Section #

Why adding testimonials in your WordPress website? #

Using a testimonial plugin facilitates the addition of customer or client testimonials, reviews, or feedback to your WordPress website. Moreover, this increases the social proof associated with your website and increases your customer base and revenue.

You could’ve added testimonials by handing them into your posts and pages. However, a testimonials plugin allows you to do so in various ways, including a slider, carousel, grid, or other appealing layouts.

Finally, depending on your plugin, you can display testimonials with images, a short description, reviewer information, title, business, or rating.

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