Domain Name Generators Ultimate List

Choosing a domain name isn’t easy, check a list with the best names generators to register & top ideas that help you to pick a domain TLDs

Domain Name Generators Ultimate List Best Ideas Pick Help

Choosing a domain name isn’t easy. You want a website address that will be both memorable and meaningful while simultaneously describing what your brand is all about. But even after you’ve come up with something catchy and worthy of your brand, you may find that the .com domain is already taken. That only leads you back to the drawing board, which means more hair-pulling and headaches. Check a list with the best domain name generators & top ideas that help you to pick a domain.

But it doesn’t have to take forever to develop a great domain name already available. Try one of these top domain name generators, listed in no particular order, and save yourself some hair-pulling.

Before we explore domain name generators, we want to share a few domain name best practices as well as demonstrate how you can get your first domain name for free!

First Things First Before Generators can Help you to Pick a Domain

Let’s begin with the fundamental principles.

A domain name is the address of your website that is found online. This is what people type in order to access your website (e.g., or To understand better, see our beginner’s guide on domain names and how they work.

When choosing a domain name, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

  1. Attempt to register a .com (it’s the most popular).
  2. Ensure it’s simple to articulate
  3. Keep it concise as much as possible
  4. Employ relevant keywords to you (this will enhance search engine optimization and increase rankings).
  5. Avoid using hyphens
  6. Don’t violate another’s copyright

Now that you understand what a good domain name should be, you may wonder how much does it cost?

Domain names typically cost around $14 per year ($14 per year for .com).

If you have additional obscure extensions, then the cost will increase even more.

Domain Name Generators List

We’ll start with the domain name generators that require the least amount of input from you. They do most of the work before moving on to those that make you the brains of the operation via different customization options and parameters.

NameCheap Domain Generator

Treat your website as it deserves: with a prestigious address. Whether it’s launching a new startup that is exciting or altering an existing brand, our suggestion tool for domain names will facilitate the discovery of thousands of potential websites in a matter of minutes.

Domain Typer

This is my favorite tool for fine-tuning my domain names and checking the availability of various TLDs. That said, it isn’t a generator you can use starting from scratch.

How do you use the tool? Start typing your intended name, and DomainTyper will give you suggestions in real time.

No need to click any buttons, hence the name of the tool. As you look at the available domains, you can add or remove the TLDs that interest you the most. Even check the available social media usernames.

Who should use it? Use it if you’re nearly certain as to what domain name you want to go with. But you’d like to check whether registering different TLDs, and social media usernames for it won’t be a problem.

This is a tool created by team Automattic. The company is responsible for the platform and the core team working on WordPress itself, which means they should be quite experienced when it comes to domain names and websites. So, a good way for domain name Ideas and this list of best generators help you to pick one.

How do you use the tool? This one’s easy to use! All you do is provide one seed keyword — usually something that defines your niche — and then let the magic happen. This domain name generator comes back with tens or even hundreds of domain name ideas. Most of them are available for registration as a .com.

Word Maker Name Generators

The domain name generator by BustAName takes a lot more input than many of the other tools on this list via its various parameters. You can control how you want to structure your domain name and what sort of elements you’re interested in. As a result, the generated domains sound original.

How do you use the tool? Give it your main seed keyword and pick whether you want it to appear at the beginning or end of your domain name. Moreover, a great way for domain name Ideas, and this list of best generators help you to pick one.

Then, pick how natural you want your domain to sound. Finally, limit the number of characters in your domain name. Also, you can choose to display several TLDs apart from the

Name Stall

This isn’t a single tool but a suite of domain name generators. The three most useful ones (IMO) are The primary domain name generator and the three-word domain name generator. The rhyming domain name generator.

How do you use the tool? Start with the primary domain name generator at NameStall. Input your seed keyword, pick whether you want it to appear at the beginning or end, enable/disable hyphens, and then pick a ‘word group’ that will complete your domain.

That last step is actually really cool, and it gives you exciting possibilities as to how to customize your domain name.

For instance, you can pick a ‘word group’ labeled ‘1500 famous last words. This is just what it sounds like — a list of words that work well as words to end your domain name with.

There are other similar word groups, such as ‘100 popular numbers’, ‘200 popular 2 letter words’, ‘500 famous first words, ‘basic English words,’ and so on. This gives you many possibilities to customize your search.

Who should use it? NameStall’s domain name generators are an attractive solution if you don’t have much of an idea as to the complete domain name you want to go with. Still, you’d like to be able to customize how the generator carries out its job. In addition, a top way for domain name Ideas and this list of best generators help you to pick one.

Name Boy

The domain names Nameboy generates are exciting — especially if you want to register more TLDs than the That said, it does a better job once you have a general idea as to what your domain name should be.

How do you use the tool? To get the most out of this tool, you should provide it with your main seed keyword plus a secondary keyword that you want to combine into one domain name. Optionally, you can allow hyphens and even request the generated domain names to rhyme.

Who should use it? Use it if you have a general idea of what you want your domain name to be, yet you still want to look for possible hyphenated variations of that name and the other TLDs that are available.

Shopify Tools

As the name suggests, this tool by Shopify is one of the most popular and best ecommerce solutions on the web. This generator is very similar to LeanDomainSearch in the way it operates.

How do you use the tool? Just input a seed keyword, and see what suggestions this generator has for you. The domain names you’ll get are all available at, and you can register them right on the spot — provided you want to build a Shopify store on top of the domain.

Domain Puzzler Name Generators

What’s different about this one is that you can use multiple keywords as the building blocks when generating your perfect domain name. Domain Puzzler takes those keywords and goes through all the possible ways they can be up together. At the same time, it checks which combinations are available for registration.

How do you use the tool? All you need to do is provide a set of keywords that you want in your domain, select the TLDs you’re interested in, and the tool will do the rest. You can also favorite individual domain names.

Impossibility Name Generators (Honorable mention)

The impossibility is very creative in its approach to generating domain names, and it also gives you a handful of neat options as to how you can customize the process.

How do you use the tool? You begin by providing a seed keyword and selecting what you want to see added to that keyword. You can choose from verbs, adjectives, and nouns, and you also get to select whether those should be four, five, or six-letter words and whether they should appear at the beginning or the end.

Domain Sbot

DomainsBot does a great job of not only generating exciting domain names for you but also letting you pick the synonyms you’d like to use alongside your original seed keywords. This can result in some cool customizations you wouldn’t have stumbled upon otherwise.

How do you use the tool? Start by providing one or more seed keywords. After the initial search, you’ll be able to customize the TLDs you’re interested in, add/change the synonyms, and even add your preferred prefixes and suffixes.

The list of domain names DomainsBot comes back and starts with the most straightforward combinations of your keywords and then goes into the more creative ones.

Name Mesh

NameMesh is one of the better domain name generators to check out if you have multiple keywords you’d like to include in the domain. The list of parts NameMesh creates based on your keywords is massive, and it’s neatly divided into a handful of categories: Common, New, Short, Fun, and SEO.

How do you use the tool? Start by inputting your keywords — you can have one or many — and select the TLDs you’re interested in. NameMesh will give you a massive list of generated domain names and indicate which are available for registration.

Tip: Uncheck the option, ‘hide registered,’ as this will give you a better overview of how viable specific domain names are. You don’t want a domain name if most of its other TLDs are already registered.

Name Generators Conclusion

With these 11 domain name generators handy. You should have no problem finding an available domain name that describes your business well. Anything I’ve missed out? Leave a comment below.