Easy Guide to Create a Good Website Design

Having a website is now the norm, especially for businesses. In this article, you'll see an easy guide to create a good website design.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on March 7, 2023
Easy Guide to Create a Good Website Design

Having a website is now the norm, especially for businesses. Whether you are selling products or offering your services, a website can really do wonders for your business. Check the must easy guide & tutorial to create a good website design.

Healthcare is no exception to this rule, regardless of the type of business. Marketing your business online isn’t the only benefit of having a website. If you work with a professional website maintenance company, it can also lend credibility (especially if you are just starting your private practice) and help you to improve your online presence and to be more successful.

With that said, a good website design for doctors can help form strong, positive impressions on the public and your potential patients. In this article, you’ll see an easy guide to create a good website design.

More than a tool, your website is basically you online. And you need to make a good impression – not just for the first time but all the time. Your website should have all the information one needs, can easily be accessed and navigated, and should also be pleasing to the eye. Here are a few tips on how you can create a good website design.


What’s your website for? Is it to inform? To educate? To entertain? Or is it for people to pay for goods and services? Or a mix of all mentioned?  Whatever the purpose of your site is, it should always accommodate the needs of its users.

So think of your target market – in our case, potential and existing patients. Consider what they would be needing and expecting from your site. And once they visit your site, the experience should always be a pleasant one.

KISS: Guide to Create a Website Design

“Keep it simple, s___.” Simplicity is always the best policy when designing a website. Color, imagery, and typography are the most common ways to achieve this through design. 

Find a color palette that represents your brand (a lot of brands use color psychology to send subliminal messages and evoke the desired responses) and, at the same time, is pleasing to the eye. What’s written should also be legible and easily understood.

This where typography comes in.  The font’s choice should complement each other (a maximum of 3 different fonts is recommended) and should command attention. Imagery like photos, graphics, video, etc., should be of high quality and relatable to your site to show your brand’s personality and credibility effectively.

Navigation & Layout

Your site’s navigation system should be easy to use as this lets people get to the information they need quickly and efficiently. The layout also matters – it must be clean and follow a natural reading pattern.


Content is king, and for a good reason. Great content is informative and concise, and the tone matches or addresses your purpose. Great content can also help boost your site’s visibility or rankings via Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which will lead to more visitors to your site.

Dynamic: Guide to Create a Website Design

A good web design must be mobile-friendly as many people also use their phones and tablets to browse the web. A good website design is responsive, adjusting to many different screen sizes while still showing the entire page.

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