Ecommerce Wishlist: What Is and Why You Should Have a Wishlist On Your Online Store?

Why you should have an eCommerce wishlist on your online store? Important wish lists are among the most electronic features of a commerce

Ecommerce Wishlist: What Is and Why You Should Have a Wishlist On Your Online Store

Why you should have an eCommerce wishlist on your online store? Important wish lists are among the most electronic features of a commerce site. They provide opportunities for customers and businesses. Common sense leads us to think that they are only next to giants like eBay or Amazon. However, we believe they offer many advantages that the store should incorporate in each virtual one.

Ecommerce Wishlist: What Is and Why You Should Have a Wishlist On Your Online Store?

Ecommerce Wishlist: What Is and Why You Should Have a Wishlist On Your Online Store

So, when customers and potential customers come to an e-commerce site, they often want to navigate the site easily and quickly find the products they want. However, they also want other third-party options to help them make lists, save products, and create a unique shopping experience.

And i0f you’re running a WordPress site and you have products available for purchase, most of the time, you’re probably running WooCommerce. While it offers everything you need to start an online store and sell physical and digital products right away, there are plenty of extensions and other options you can add to make your online store even more popular.

Providing a wishlist effective reduces cart abandonment and achieves sales from customers who have indicated their intentions but have not purchased. Wishlists are mutually beneficial. Ecommerce wishlists offer customers an easy way to remember a product and help marketers measure product interest beyond a clear sale.

How wish lists drive sales and engagement

Ecommerce wishlists and mobile technology

As the number of shoppers searching and ordering online using mobile devices grows, wishlists become more relevant to the e-commerce experience. Over half of all US consumers will use a mobile device to search for merchandise during the holiday season. Of those customers, 59% say they will use their tablet or smartphone to help make direct online purchases.

Retain leads

Wishlists are a happy medium between purchase and oblivion. Shoppers are often not ready to order but want to remember the product and store it for the future. In addition, the online wishlist may prompt users to sign up for an account that they do not otherwise have. These potential customers can participate in drip marketing campaigns when receiving an email notification.

Out of stock products

So, if a particular item is out of stock, the wishlist allows visitors to track the item’s status. You can also see how much inventory you need to build: popular products on online wishlists are more likely to sell out. When the product is available again, customers who have saved it to their eCommerce wishlist will receive a notification.

Items for sale

This process is also applicable to items going on sale. For example, ModCloth informs users of its site when online wishlist clothing and accessories are offered at lower prices. So, this is an excellent method for re-engaging customers who have shown interest and hesitation to buy.


Online shopping for friends and family is simplified with the wishlist feature. Once your wishlist is complete, authors can send it to friends and family in anticipation of holidays, birthdays, or life events.

If consumers are new to e-commerce store products and want to buy them as gifts, they may not know where to start. Instead of walking into a physical store and discussing options with a sales representative, these shoppers can consult wish lists on e-commerce sites to better understand which items to buy.

Today, I will introduce an eCommerce wishlist plugin that makes it easy to add WooCommerce wishlists to your WordPress site. Let’s take a look at the plugins together first.

YITH Woocommerce wishlist

So, the YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is a lightweight and powerful tool that makes it easy to add wishlists to WordPress. The plugin enables many features and provides options regarding the placement and styling of wish list page options.

This doesn’t slow down the site, and having the right host will make it even faster.

The YITH Wishlist plugin will give your website users the ability to save their favorite products and find them later. They will also have unique skills that include sharing their wish lists with friends and family and social media.

So, the plugin is easy to use and easy to configure. Moreover, it has a ton of features. Some of the main ones include:

  • Ability to select a page for an eCommerce wishlist
  • Choose where to show the “Add to Wishlist” shortcode.
  • Show the “remove from wishlist” button when a product is on your wishlist
  • Quickly show the “add to wishlist” button on the store page
  • Customize columns, colors, style, text, and layout
  • Supports product variation

The plugin provides your website with all the tools to create great WooCommerce wishlist pages and button layouts. So, there is also a Pro version of the plugin. 

So, if you want to explore this, you are welcome. Add some functionality to the plugin. However, we’ll use the free version for this tutorial because we have everything you need to create an eCommerce wishlist.

And let’s take a look at how to install and configure the plugin.

Install and activate the eCommerce wishlist plugin

To create a wishlist for your WooCommerce site, you must first install and activate the plugin. So, to do this, go to the plugins page in the WordPress admin panel.

  • Just search for the plugin name and install it from there.

Therefore, after installing and activating the plugin, click YITH> Wish List. This option is in the menu area on the left side of the dashboard.

  • Click YITH and then wish list.

So this will take you directly to the main setup and configuration page, where you can set the eCommerce wishlist plugin as you like.

Let’s go through the configuration together.

  • Add a WooCommerce wishlist

So, at this point, you should be on the main plugin configuration page. Here you will see four primary tabs. These include:

  • General Settings
  • Add to wishlist options
  • Wishlist page options
  • Premium Version
  • Main settings page
  • Let’s go over this together real quick.

General Settings

Straightforward, there is only one option available. You can enable AJAX loading or opt-out in this tab. So, there is also an option to allow the “Frequently Bought Together” opportunity. So, this will only be relevant if you have this plugin installed.

General guide

There are several more settings and choices on this tab. Everything here is directly related to the options to add to your eCommerce wishlist that you offer your customers.

First, you will see the general and loop settings. Then, click these buttons as you see fit.

  • Add to wishlist options

Now scroll down a few and fill in the product page and text personalization settings.

  • More customization options for Woocommerce wishlist

Finally, a little more scrolling will take you to the style and color customization area. Fill that too. So, don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button.

  • Wishlist page options

This tab contains all the settings needed to create a layout and an actual wishlist. Proceed to the above and select where to display the WooCommerce wish list page.

Then scroll down a bit and enter all the wishlist details you want to embed. So, there are several options here, so be sure to cover them all.

  • Ecommerce wishlist page details
  • Now scroll down a little further and configure your preferred text customization.
  • Finally, finish the setup by configuring all the style and color customizations you want.
  • Again, click on “Save Changes” to apply all changes.

Premium Version

The Premium Versions tab shows all the additional features you get when you purchase the paid version of the plugin. And give it a try and see if you need these other features in your WooCommerce wishlist.

That’s it! At this point, your eCommerce wishlist has been successfully added to your WordPress site. Wishlists are displayed and displayed based on the configuration options and settings used.

Why have a WooCommerce wishlist?

There are several reasons to put your wishlist on the WooCommerce WordPress site. First of all, buyers like to come and see what they want. Instead of saving the page link, you can offer the option to save the product to your favorites list.

This allows them easy access to any product they save while deciding and shopping on the rest of your site. Allowing your users to have their accounts on your e-commerce site allows for more flexibility and functionality.

So, this is also a great way to make your site stand out and provide the user with a more streamlined and fun shopping experience.

The real question for you is, how do I add a WooCommerce wishlist to my site?

And fortunately, you don’t need to know how to code from scratch. Instead, you simply need to find the right plugin to allow you to do this much easier and faster.

Ecommerce wishlist: Final thoughts

Remember that it is essential to provide users of the site with the best online shopping experience and ensure they are back. Remember that it is important to provide users of the site with the best online shopping experience and ensure they are back. 

So while there are several tools you can use to improve your e-commerce store, and more adding the WooCommerce wishlist is one of the best ways to give your customers a personalized experience.

 Being able to save and add products for easy viewing later is essential for storing links to websites. You can also share your creations with site users, friends, and family on social media. 

So, have you ever added a WooCommerce wishlist for your users with the option? Did you notice that users tend to save many of their products for later viewing?