Effective Photographers Internet Marketing: More Than Just Pretty Pictures

Learn the most effective guide for photographers digital and internet marketing techniques, tips & strategies, more then just pretty pictures

Updated on July 17, 2023
Effective Photographers Internet Marketing: More Than Just Pretty Pictures

See in this article the most effective ways photographers can market a website to generate more results using internet marketing. Learn the most effective guide for photographers digital and internet marketing techniques, tips, and strategies.

You pick that camera, adjust its lens, and take the perfect shot. While editing the image for your portfolio, you stumble upon another photographer’s website and great photography business name only to be left awestruck. How does his work look so stunning?

Simple, because of the presentation and how his website is designed. Now you’re wondering what’s wrong with your website and how you can create an impactful website like this fellow lensman. Don’t worry, here are some actionable tips for improving your website or developing a new one.

What is the primary purpose of your website? Define it Before Start The photographers marketing

The first order of business is to treat your website as Your Business and make its effectiveness an important business goal. It starts with defining the purpose of your website. Here are some examples of what your website can do.

  • Build your brand.
  • Generate more leads for the business.
  • Create a loyal audience.
  • Help you sell products.

The design, features, and development strategy of your website will vary depending on your objectives. It is critical to understand that a website is a lot more than a one-way communication medium, so find out what you intend to do with it.

Choose a design that complements your requirements

Since your website defines people’s first impression of your business, it must complement your profession. As a professional photographer, your website should reflect your work, experience, and aesthetically relevant info.

For instance, choosing a theme that is built specifically for photographers will ensure that it has all the necessary design elements for your requirements. Take this Visualmodo photography theme, for example. It provides a fantastic portfolio design, a section to showcase your experience, and an e-commerce extension to sell your products/services.

Additionally, if you are a niche camera artist, the design should reflect your specialty. A wedding and sports photographer’s portfolio design would be slightly different. The same applies to other niches, including fashion, headshot, and even product shots.

Never settle with a ‘standard’ portfolio design for better photographers marketing

While you’re a professional cameraman or photo generalist, your graphic designer isn’t, so you have to communicate to him what you require. Doing some research upfront and sharing your findings with him makes sense.

Most of the website designers are unlikely to understand the intricacies of your field, and they might go for standard portfolio design. While a standard portfolio structure might work for you, it won’t create that jaw-dropping effect we spoke about in the opening paragraph. Learn the most effective guide for photographers digital and internet marketing techniques, tips, and strategies.

Pay attention to SEO parameters while photographers marketing

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is one term that you must understand as clearly as possible. Most of the people drop the SEO ball on their designer or website developer, but that’s not how it works.

The only way your website can generate more leads or grow your brand is if it ranks well in the popular search engines. In order to rank on the first page, you should consistently work on different optimization parameters, such as the loading speed, link structure, and the quality of content on your website.

While you don’t have to kill yourself learning about SEO, you should start coming along gradually. Understand the basics first and progress from there. Be aware that ranking at the top takes a lot of work, and anyone saying otherwise is looking for a quick payday only.

Your About Us page is critical for capturing business

Now that you have put in your best efforts in supervising the design of your website, it’s time to create an excellent About Us page. This is where you need to tell the world who you are and why you do what you do.

Unlike people who try not to sound human in their About Us page, we suggest a personal touch that creates an instant connection with your reader. However, make sure to maintain the professional courtesy and try to keep it short. As far as the design is concerned, it should align well with your website, brand voice, and social media strategy.

An excellent user experience should accompany a well-designed website. One of the first things you must do is to identify any broken links on your website and fix them. You can use services like W3C Link Checker or LinkTiger. Having broken links not only reflects poorly on your website, but it indicates that the website owner isn’t serious about his work.

The same thing applies to the quality of content on your website. Avoid grammar issues or typo errors in your copy. If you aren’t confident enough, take help from a professional copywriter. Remember that all of us have our strengths and weaknesses.

Common problems about photographers digital marketing guide to look at:

  • Complicated navigation: If a user has to spend a few seconds finding your menu, you aren’t doing a good job with the navigation. Keep it as simple as possible.
  • Choosing a lousy font scheme: While some fonts may appear better than others, your audience is accustomed to a certain type of fonts, and finding different typography might look dubious. Stick with the regular font styles, taking into account browser support and readability.
  • Not having a responsive design: Mobile searches outrank desktop searches in modern times, so having a responsive design is paramount. Furthermore, you have to ensure quick loading time on mobile devices, preferably less than four seconds.
  • Failing to update your blog: Many photographers prefer having a blog on their website, and it’s an excellent way to communicate/interact with your readers. However, somewhere down the line, they stop publishing fresh content. Not only does it hurt their search engine rankings, as search engines prefer new content, both new and curated content, but it is likely to alienate loyal readers/visitors. If you want to create a blog, make sure you have the time or resources to update it consistently.

The Bottom Line For Photographers Internet Marketing

Your website is your business’s storefront, so always treat it that way. Make sure that it has a consistent aesthetic appeal and a high-quality user experience. If you haven’t touched your website in a while, now is the right time to set it up following the photographers digital marketing guide.

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