Do you know why digital marketing remains are one of the best channels for marketers to ideally fit into their budget? The major part of digital marketing’s appeal to marketers is the data available through it. It is now easy to trace each dollar spent on digital marketing by weighing it against your uniquely set goals and objective. In this article, we’ll explain how UTM codes can measure campaign success.

When it comes to tracking the performance of digital marketing, some are much easier to track and interpret like the paid search, shopping, and display campaigns, etc. some other common channels and activities may prove out to be harder like paid social media campaigns or email marketing.

Effectively Measuring the Success of Website with UTM Codes

Often, we may hear people saying that they are tried social media marketing in the past, but struggled to measure the return on investment through it. In fact, a study had shown that nearly 60% of the marketing professionals find measuring the return on investment is the single biggest challenge in digital marketing.

So, if your primary objective is to identify which of your social posts are contributing to the majority your leads, which campaigns ensure optimum sales and revenue, then knowing about UTM code is essential. Yes, UTM code is a magic secret behind the success of many successful digital marketers and social media campaigners.

About UTM code

UTM code is expanded as ‘urchin tracking module,’ which is used to make custom URLs to be used by marketers to track the effectiveness of their campaigns through various channels in terms of sourcing traffic to the particular web pages. These codes you attach to the URLs are then parsed by Google Analytics, and reports are given to you. You can find it in the ‘Campaigns Report’ of Google Analytics to track your ROI.

It is called ‘urchin tracking modules’ as the company Urchin Software primarily developed it. This analytics firm was then acquired by Google back in 2005 and later was developed as Google Analytics.

Let’s look at an example of a UTM code builder URL

UTM Link example

The portions of the above URL marked in blue are the UTM parameters added to the URL of this blog. Running this will help Google Analytics to identify the traffic to this blog post specifically from Facebook, separating it from the other channels through which traffic is coming in.

Usage of UTM codes

Quality UTM codes will help marketers in the following aspects:

  • Value addition in the hard-to-measure channels in order to plan a proper budget.
  • Help marketers to hone into things which are not working. Without the need to create many reports, everything is available at a single easy to interpret dashboard.
  • Analyzing the A/B split tests in a better way.
  • Expedite implementation and reporting of various campaigns from the testing phase to complete roll-out.

There are basically five UTM parameters such as campaign medium, campaign source, campaign name, campaign content, and campaign term, etc. All this gather information about various aspects of the performance of a typical URL, i.e., web page. With this information handy, marketers can better plan their digital marketing and web page management strategies.

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