Email marketing is not usually known for producing exceptional results. 52% of those who receive commercial emails won’t perform any action after receiving them, so the click-through rates are historically low. But that’s not to say that every email campaign is doomed to lackluster performance. There’s a lot that you can do to improve the odds of your emails hitting home and so boosting your sales stats. We add this email marketing infographic to help you at it.

The EveryCloud infographic that you’ll see below contains all the evidence-backed information that you need to take your campaigns from “Ho hum” to “Jingle all the Way.” The security awareness training gurus decided to research the topic when they found that their email campaigns were falling a little flat, and, fortunately, they weren’t stingy about sharing the results of that research.

What we’ve been left with is a valuable resource that contains workable information based on actual evidence, rather than information that someone thumb-sucked to fill out a page. You get tips that will actually let you see real results on a more consistent basis.

You’ll learn:

  • How men and women deal with emails differently
  • Typical email marketing performance stats
  • Why consider email automation
  • What the effect of email marketing is on revenue and, more importantly, what areas specific types of emails affect
  • What people generally do after receiving an email
  • How you can improve your CTR
  • How the device the email is being viewed on affects the CTR
  • Facts about the ROI of email marketing
  • More about email marketing and mobile devices. Quick tip – take notes here
  • What the typical open rates are across different industry types
  • What the best timing for sending emails is
  • Why personalization is essential
  • Examples of winning subject lines
  • How email campaigns square up against social media campaigns
  • What will get you marked as a spammer
  • Mistakes you might be making
  • And, finally, what trends to look for in this arena in the next five years or so

Overall, there’s a lot of information covered, making this one of the most comprehensive resources in this area. It’s been broken down into manageable bits of information so that you can digest the tips in a just a few minutes.

Email Marketing Infographic

Want to Be an Email Marketing Superstar? Email Marketing Infographic


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