Embed YouTube or Vimeo Video Using Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Embedding a YouTube & Vimeo video in Gutenberg (block editor) is easier than it was with the classic WordPress, we'll share how to embed

Updated on September 2, 2023
Embed YouTube or Vimeo Video Using Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Embed a Youtube or Vimeo video in Gutenberg (block editor) is even easier than it was with the classic WordPress editor.  So, embed Blocks allow you to add content from other websites (videos from YouTube, tweets from Twitter, an event from meetup.com, etc.) into your own pages.

Embed YouTube and Vimeo Video On Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Step 1

Firstly, hover your mouse over the Add Block icon. The plus sign in the upper left-hand corner within the Gutenberg editor. Still talking about videos, you can enjoy the youtube vanced apk to make more from the youtube.

Step 2: Embed Video Using Gutenberg

Secondly, scroll to Embeds. Under that section, you will see different formats of embeds you can add to your page. For the sake of this example, we’ll use the Embed option.

Step 3

Depending on which type of embed you use, you will be prompted to add a  link to the content you want to embed. In this example a Youtube video will be embedded, so a Youtube video link will be used.

Step 4 To Embed a Video Using Gutenberg (Block Editor)

Finally, once you have added your link in the block, your embed content will appear. Remember to save and publish your page, when you’re finished.

That’s it, you’ll find over 30 different media providers to embed into your sites such as funny or die, wordpress.tv, and more.

WordPress Gutenberg Embed Block?

The embed block works the same way as the YouTube block. It simply requests your YouTube video URL and then creates a YouTube block from it.

Which Method of Embedding YouTube Videos is Best?

Neither method is better. Each method will create a YouTube block from the video URL, therefore the way you create the block is irrelevant.

Adding a Caption In Gutenberg WordPress?

A caption can appear underneath your Gutenberg embed video. In addition, we can add the caption text in a number of ways. You can use bold, italic, code and strikethrough. Moreover, we can convert text into links too and you can insert inline images.

Alignment & Width of Embed Vimeo or YouTube Videos In WordPress

When you click on the YouTube block, a number of alignment and width buttons will appear at the top of the WordPress editor. From here you can align the video to the left, center or right. Videos can also be wide-width or full-width. If you like to go pro and want to save money you can use the best Vimeo promo codes.

Changing the URL of YouTube Video

In short, is possible, All you have to do is select the YouTube block and then click on the pencil icon at the top of the WordPress editor. This will allow you to enter the video URL again to embed the video using Gutenberg.

Benefits & Downsides of Embedding Videos On Your Site

Let’s start by saying that embedding videos is a good thing for anyone looking to increase the amount of content they produce.

Not only does it keep viewers on your site, but hosting on YouTube means you don’t have large video files that would hurt your page load speeds by hosting them yourself on your own servers.

Embedding videos also makes it easy to add multimedia to almost any page with just a small piece of code, allowing even the most tech-savvy people to add it to their website.

Best of all, you can actually choose where the video plays. This is especially useful when you’re only using a part of your content or want to make sure your audience sees a very specific part. However, embedded video has some drawbacks that you should pay close attention to. So, a good point and benefits of embed the video using Gutenberg and Youtube or Vimeo.

And the Downsides?

First, there’s no guarantee that a video won’t be removed from YouTube for violating one of YouTube’s policies. This is true even if you don’t think you’re breaking any rules but someone reports a bug.

In this case, your embedded video will appear broken on your website. This is a problem if you don’t get it right away. Second, if videos with ads are embedded, they will still show those ads.

This means your audience may have to wait a few seconds or even a minute to see your content.

If you lose focus during this time, don’t stay and record the actual video yourself.

Finally, there are very few customization and branding options for embedded videos hosted on YouTube.

If this bothers you, you may not be comfortable with using embedded videos on your website. Still, the many advantages of embedded video far outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use embedded video whenever possible.