Essential Instagram Tips and Tricks for Auto Dealerships in 2020

Instagram is a highly rewarding visual advertising platform. In this article, we'll explore the top Instagram tips and tricks for auto dealerships in 2020.

Essential Instagram Tips and Tricks for Auto Dealerships in 2020

Instagram is regarded as a highly rewarding visual advertising platform for boosting auto sales. It is quite well-known for having amazing user engagement features. Moreover, its high-resolution pictures attract a tremendous amount of followers. Instagram is a phenomenally popular social media platform that is still gaining traction by the day and has over 1 billion users every month. In this article, we’ll explore the top Instagram tips and tricks for auto dealerships in 2020.

Essential Instagram Tips and Tricks for Auto Dealerships in 2020

The interesting part is that almost 200 million users are in the habit of visiting at least, a single business profile every day. We know that auto dealerships across the globe are hugely impressed with Instagram as an effective and powerful marketing platform that could be leveraged for generating brand awareness and enticing potential customers to buy brand new cars. However, if you are running a car dealership, you must focus on crafting an effective Instagram stratagem for the best outcomes.

Chalk out an Instagram Content Strategy

Freely keeping on posting pictures of enticing cars from your iPhone is not a good enough Instagram strategy. Obviously, you would be attracting a lot of people and gaining quite a few followers and likes but is sustainable enough for a car dealership that is very much dependent on consistent sales. Rather focus your attention on planning out every post as an integral part of a broader social media content stratagem. The most fascinating aspect of Instagram is the sheer wealth of treasured content that you could generate and share with your targeted audience including IGTV posts and Instagram Stories. For instance, your Instagram posts may include pictures and videos of:

  • Auto services and maintenance tips
  • The latest inventory
  • Car troubleshooting tips
  • New promotions
  • Staff bios as an Instagram for auto dealerships
  • “How to” content

Without a precise and clear-cut content stratagem for Instagram, it seems that you are choosing content randomly and simply hoping that it would do well.

You could learn a lot from your competitors in this context. As per, if you wish to obtain success for your auto dealership, you need to learn from the industry’s best or the stalwarts. You could own a chain of auto dealerships but you could still know a lot more about Instagram simply by following @humansofny and @natgeo.

These accounts are known for sharing amazing visuals along with compelling captions that seem to serve a precise purpose and narrate a story. Remember there is no shame in checking out all your top competitors on Instagram. However, you could consider being a little adventurous and looking outside your core genre too. You may get in touch with a reliable digital marketing company to buy Instagram followers and likes to broaden your horizon.

Top Quality Posts

Instagram is a visual medium and it can be a cruel mistress. If your posts don’t have a visual flair that will distinguish you from the crowd, the ranking algorithms might leave you with minimal viewership. The most basic advice any Instagram campaign manager needs to know is that better, flashier pictures tend to get way more engagement.

Poorly composed, blurry pictures in an underexposed car workshop will do no good, but then again, neither will generic shots of your cars against a wall. Be creative and go for bright, crisp pictures that really say something. The best part is you don’t even need professional-grade camera equipment for this- several of the most successful Instagram accounts use only a phone to shoot and edit content before posting.

Consistent Feel to All Your Posts: Instagram Tips For Auto Dealerships

If you are in the automobile industry. You could easily fall into the trap of posting generic-looking pictures of cars all day; both your audience and Instagram’s ranking crawlers will notice and penalize this. You need to put out content that screams of your brand. Visually consistent such that after a while even without seeing the username. People begin to recognize your trademark style of post enough to associate your brand with content like that. This strong impression will last ages.

Leaders Can Follow Too: Instagram Tips For Auto Dealerships

A social network isn’t just a megaphone to say what you want to get out there. There is always scope for inspiration and enjoyment out there; as a start, you should follow 500-1000 automobile industry-related accounts. You should target popular accounts whose audiences intersect with yours. Who are willing to boost your content or give you a shoutout every once in a while.

This really helps bring eyeballs to your brand. Keep people interested and is vital for when you start off as a small operation. You should also scout out accounts of similar stature. As yours as they would be more willing to follow back. Their audience will scale in time just like yours. Finally, it’s fine to follow direct competitors but also try to follow some accounts. That is more adjacent to the automobile industry like lifestyle channels. Petrol-heads, and so on, as they tend to not directly compete for eyeballs with you.

Instagram For Auto Dealerships Conclusion: Shoutouts Are Great!

As mentioned earlier, it is better to grow together than to not grow alone. If you have the opportunity to boost other creators by posting their content on your feed. Your stories and comments, you should go ahead and do so. In the auto industry, this could be for parts manufacturers, detailing and customization outlets, and so on. It is an awesome idea to help people out since they are that much likely to return the favor. Your engagement numbers will be great and your viewership will grow too.