Everything About Productivity

Humans are capable of working the entire day. They can earn money to make a living. In this article, we'll share everything about productivity

Everything About Productivity

Humans are an incredible creation of God. They can perform exceptional tasks. Humans are with a brain that makes them superior to any other living creature in the world. There are no creatures in the world that are as smart as humans. Think about it – humans can cook their own food. Have emotions and feelings, have a sharp mind that makes them capable of rational thinking. So, understand the difference between right and wrong. Humans are capable of working the entire day. They can earn money to make a living. In this article, we’ll share everything about productivity.

Come to think of it. It is possible that humans get out and need an ample amount of rest to get again. With what they are good at once they feel like new. This particular efficiency of humans can be related to something known as “productivity.”

What exactly is productivity?

It is a common misconception among the public that productivity refers to something. That measures how many tasks a particular person completes on a particular day. Such an assumption, although how intuitive it may sound, is baseless. The definition of productivity can never be quantitatively up like this. What would be a more accurate definition of productivity would be the efficiency with which you complete a particular task. Let us think of an example – you are in need to fill water bottles from a purifier of your choice. You can either do one of the following tasks.

A) You take a spoon, fill the spoon with water and then transfer it to the bottle. B) Fill a bigger container beforehand, and as and when the need arises. Transfer the water from the container into the bottle, and c) When you suddenly realize there is no water left, you start filling the bottles directly.

Obviously, the first option would be the worst one might consider, and the second would be the best option. Hence, one can choose the second option so that the task can perform with maximum efficiency, increasing your productivity for the day because the time you can save in the process can be again in use to do something even better.

Cut the stereotypes, understand the importance about productivity

There is a common misconception among people that maintaining proper productivity strategies is just another jargon of the modern world, just to justify their modern-day hypes. However, people do not realize that productivity does help you a lot. You might be using certain productivity tactics daily but fail to realize that anything that helps you increase your task performing efficiency essentially contributes to the productivity factor. It is only a matter of realization. Just as a heads up, if you want to understand more about productivity, you can visit BuddyPunch

How to be more productive each day?

Productivity is not like y=k on the coordinate axis. Do not worry, we are not starting a math lesson here. What we mean is that each day, it might happen that you do not have the same productivity every day. There are several apps and websites out there (BuddyPunch) that recommend tailor-made suggestions so that you can increase your productivity for the day.

Maintaining a good productivity record becomes extremely important, the benefits of which would not be visible instantly but will take a significant amount of time. Once you start performing your tasks for the day, you will begin to observe that you are slowly becoming disciplined in your day-to-day tasks, becoming less distracted from the outside world, and having an increased attention span. You start saving a lot of time too.

Let’s discuss some of the most common methods to boost productivity at home or your workplace.

●    Start creating an organizer list about productivity

Let us face it. Each day you have numerous tasks to do. If you are a student having numerous assignments to complete, or if you are a working professional running behind deadlines, there are often things that you forget about doing and realize only once you reach the end of your day. A better way to organize your lifestyle would be to create a daily to-do list. It’s a simple task – note down all of the tasks that you think you will do the next day on a piece of paper, and as soon as you complete the task, strike it off the list. As you see each task on the list getting struck off, you feel a sense of satisfaction and feel the adrenaline kicking in, forcing you to complete the remaining tasks of the day.

●    Start following the Ivy Lee Method

You have to prioritize your task according to this method. In your daily to-do list, just like you list down all your tasks for the day, you also start adding a priority number to it. With this done, first complete the tasks that have the most priority. With this, you get with some of the most important tasks of the day and then schedule your other tasks accordingly.

●    It is better to channel your energy

A more common approach that people follow is that they often divide their tasks based on time. They feel that the more important task must be devoted more time. Although such methodology might be useful for some, in the larger interest, a better approach is to divide your tasks so that it is scheduled according to how energetic you are at different times of the day. Schedule your important tasks to those times when you are most energetic – be it late night, after lunch, in the evening, or anything that suits your purpose.

●    Start avoiding distractions about productivity

One of the major distractions in the current scenario is your mobile phone. You have to understand your worth and the responsibility towards your client. Of course, the device that helps you get connected with people socially can also become a medium to disconnect you from your work responsibilities.

●    Include mini-workout routines

Do not work for long hours at a stretch. When you feel exhausted, leave everything aside, close your eyes for a few hours, and do not think about anything. If possible, do mini exercises, like push-ups, squats, whatever comforts you, but do take a rest. The brain is not a machine that can work tirelessly for endless hours. It needs rest to function effectively.