Yes! You heard that right. If you live in the United States, you will no longer be able to see the number of likes in your posts. The test started in Canada mid last year, and so far, it has spread to other countries, including Brazil, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Japan, and recently the United States. Changes in Instagram. What does this mean? Read this article and learn everything you need to know about Instagram hiding likes.

More About Instagram Hiding Likes

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Hiding Likes

1 How Hidden Likes Work?

You need to know that the like counts will still be available but hidden from public view. This means that when you post your brand, your followers, or anyone who comes across your post will not see the number of likes. However, you, as the creator of the post, can access the statistics. Need followers? You can shop with Increditools to buy Instagram followers from the best places.

While viewing your post, the number of likes is not displayed. However, you will see who liked your post, and you can count them if you wish. As you know, business likes are essential in promoting your brand. How do you get these likes? Well, you can buy Instagram likes from reliable sellers online. While buying, make sure that you get real Instagram likes from real people. Look for a company that has different marketing networks where they can post your advertisement. Hiding likes will help you know how many people are genuinely interested in your brand.

2 Why Is Instagram Hiding Likes?

The main reason why Instagram is hiding the number of likes in a post is to increase users’ creativity. Sharing on Instagram will not be all about posting to get likes. It means that only the deserving posts will get the likes. Your followers will not like your post because of the number of likes available already, but because they actually like your post.

3 Will Hiding Instagram Likes Affect Your Business?

There has been an assurance from Instagram that this change will not affect the measurement tools for a business. Moreover, you can still access all analytics and statistics. Although new influencers and brands trying to earn followers will face some challenges. A study has shown that for more than 154,000 Instagram influencers, the numbers of likes are already decreasing. They have lost between 3% and 15% of their likes.

4 How Does It Improve Mental Health?

Hiding Instagram likes will also combat the mental health problems of the users coming from the platform. As you know, there has been a lot said about how social media has a bad influence on people. All this comes to the same conclusion. Social media harms people’s mental health. How? It brings feelings of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, isolation, and loneliness for most users. By hiding the likes, users will avoid all these issues.

The recent move by Instagram to hide likes visibility has both advantages and disadvantages. However, that will not stop businesses from reaching out to influencers and partnering with them. Do your due diligence when partnering with influencers that you want to work with. Therefore, it is time you go back to the drawing board and change your business strategies.

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