Everything You Need To Start a CPA Business

Running any type of business is hard work. That's why not everyone does it. Know everything you need to start a CPA business

Everything You Need To Start a CPA Business

Know everything you need to start a CPA business. Running any type of business is hard work. That’s why not everyone does it. However, there are many benefits to being an entrepreneur, such as bringing in profits instead of getting a fixed wage and being free to do things how you want to do them. Starting a CPA business is no different, although the potential revenues are higher than the average new business, and the market for your services will always be vast.

Everyone needs to work with the money they have. This will never change, and a CPA can help clients understand what their money is doing and how they are spending and receiving it. While it’s a great business option, you can’t simply declare yourself a CPA and start cold-calling clients. There are steps to take and things you need in place. Here’s everything you need to start a CPA business.

A Vision

Sit down and think about what your business wants to be. What services will you offer right away? How will you market yourself? And where do you see your company one, two, five, and ten years down the road? Moreover, once you have some of these answers, you can create a business plan to keep things going toward achieving those goals. A plan will remind you of your vision and how you will operate in the years to come.

Funding to start a CPA business

As a CPA, you are probably already aware that you can’t assume you will make enough revenue right off the bat to cover your expenses. It takes time to be profitable, and you don’t want to run up interest charges and late fees. Moreover, make sure you have enough funding to operate everything for at least six months. You may be able to self-fund, but you can also try to find investors, government grants, or business loans. Remember, you will need that business plan to access government funds or loans.

The right software

Running a CPA business means juggling several clients and possibly employees as well. Therefore, you need a software solution allowing you to run an organized business that acts professionally and never misses a meeting. The right accounting practice management software can do all of that for you. Plus, you can delegate tasks, collaborate with your team and clients, and keep track of your billable hours. Get one customized for your business so you have everything you need in a simple-to-use portal.

Services to offer to start a CPA business

You need to determine the services you provide to your customers accurately. Are you going to be a general services CPA firm? Some firms focus on payroll, taxes, or bookkeeping. There are many options, and you may find it prudent to start in a niche and potentially branch out later. That way, you can specialize, market to those who need your exact specialty, and learn the ropes before expanding. It may depend on whether you can afford to hire employees immediately or if you must wait until you bring in the revenue levels you need.


You can’t have a successful business without clients. They won’t just come to you when you snap your fingers and call yourself a CPA business. You need to market yourself proactively and your brand to bring in prospects that you can turn into paying customers. Networking is a great way to do this and costs next to nothing. Attend all the functions and events you can. While you are there, talk to other local entrepreneurs and individuals and leave them with your business card. You won’t get everyone, but people will be more willing to hire someone they’ve met in person and feel they can trust.

You can also use digital marketing to your advantage. Since a CPA business tends to be local, you can use local search engine optimization tactics to bring in the customers you need. Plus, you can target social media ads to people and organizations in your immediate area who might need the services of a CPA.

Have the motivation to start a CPA business

No matter your business, you will have ups and downs along the way. The key to being a successful entrepreneur is keeping yourself motivated no matter what is happening. As a CPA, there may be times when you find that your client list has dried up or that you seem overwhelmed. Instead of getting dismayed and throwing up your hands, pull up your sleeves and work harder. Difficult times will end and better position your business if you’ve taken the necessary steps to work out of it.

And so, as you can see, there is a lot to do before starting a certified accountant business. However, if you have everything in place, you make a great living doing something you enjoy while working for a wide variety of people.