Like many, my love first began in the 90’s for video games industry, from the Game Boy to my Nintendo 64. Playing the likes of Pokémon Blue and Spyro, in fact, I remember being mesmerized by how cool and great the graphics were! – But when I look back now at some of those graphics and designs that I had once thought were out of this world and compare them to that of the Next Gen consoles, I think to myself just how much things have changed and somewhat improved massively on the games industry. Some other loves appear for all games styles and way to game too, you can see more about this amazing games at

Evolution of Games Industry and Its Jobs

Evolution of Games Industry and Its Jobs


Take my favorite game of the past 18-years, the FIFA series, it is for me where my true love for games first hit home – FIFA 98 to be exact, the game was superb.

I played with the likes of Romario, Rivaldo, Zidane and more, and thought it was the best graphics as I sat there every Saturday and played my heart out, 24-0, 30-0 (It totally wasn’t on amateur, I promise!)

Then we come to now as we see the amazing graphics brought to you by Electronic Arts for their latest edition FIFA 17 and they just are not comparable!

Now I must admit, it makes you question where does this relate to my industry of Games Recruitment?

Well, actually it relates massively because due to the sheer brilliance of games, their technologies, and designs in the current market, it has meant that there has been an increase and a bigger need for employees for game studios and game developers.


The wave of top games on the ‘Next Gen’ consoles as well as PC and handheld has meant that there has been a big increase in the number of studios and the funding getting pumped into them. Not to mention how many independent developers around the world are picking up big name games, the likes of Sumo Digital with Hitman and Playground Games with the Forza Horizon series.

Not only that but it’s an industry that can offer some of you the best opportunities from your own house! With remote work becoming more and more popular among some of the big companies in the industry. Imagine that when you were 12 and sat there thinking I love games, I’d love to work in games but not leave my house. Well, now that can be a reality and not just a dream!


With the boom in new studios and more possibilities to work in and out of the house, in-turn it has resulted in many more jobs being created and available for all kinds of Games enthusiasts from Designers, to coders all the way to QA Testers. Even in the past five years, we’ve noticed a massive boom in the industry and the way it has begun its evolution to the heights it currently finds itself in. In fact, a study from TIGA has indicated that the UK industry is in a period of healthy growth, with employment, revenues and tax contributions up across the board over the last year.


With that being all said and done, if reading this has inspired you to start working closely in the games space, whether that be working alongside me at Creative Personnel talking to top quality games people or if you are an aspiring or a current Games Artist, Coder or Designer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

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