Factors to Consider When Building and Designing a Website

Review the key factors to consider when building & designing a successful and attractive website that really converts engaging the customers

Factors to Consider When Building and Designing a Website

If you want to create an attractive and easy-to-use website, there is a lot to do. You also need to analyze its functionality, operations, navigation, and coding integrity. The process does not end here. Designers need to work closely with web developers to come up with factors to consider when building and designing a website.

Further, this design must be located by the search engines and stimulate conversions by engaging the customers. That really does seem to be a lot of pressure. But with the right tips and tricks in hand, you can certainly achieve the desired website. 

Here, we have listed some important factors to consider when building and designing a website. Moreover, it would be best if you talk with a web accessibility consultants, which can help you create a unique user experience with your website, making it readily accessible for all types of users.

Choosing a Domain and Host

There are many factors at play when you choose your domain. Big domain names like Google and Yahoo have a lot to say when you join them. These domains help your brand to be memorable and increase its voice on the internet. According to web accessibility consultants, finding a valid and apt name for your brand is crucial if you want to expand its reach. 

The brand name must adopt effective SEO strategies, simple spelling, and brand identity to be easily located on the web. In short, a brand easily accessed online is sure to attract more customers.

So before picking hosting packages, understand the nature of your website and business and accordingly make a choice. First, consider the amount of traffic your website will receive, followed by how scalable the solutions of the hosting company are.

Use Backend Services When Building a Website

Every good website is backed by a functional program in the backend, which aids its user experience. So, it is impossible to develop a great website without it. It is the backend of the website where most of the magic happens. You won’t be able to impress your guests without robust backend support. Ensure your website has an effective content management system to keep your audience hooked. You can also outsource web development to ensure professional backend services. 

Clean Design

Design is a significant factor that needs to be considered when planning, building and designing a website. The key to attracting more eyeballs to your website is by giving it a clean design that is both straightforward and appealing to the customers. A web design is considered high quality if the page is attractive and easy and exhibits highly intuitive navigation abilities. A crisp design will perfectly highlight your brand and USP without distracting customers. Too many tall graphics and bulky text can distract customers from you. Many customers associate factors in your website design with the quality of your brand equity. Therefore, a clean website design is imperative to create a positive customer experience.

Effective Color Scheme When Building a Website

There are many factors to consider when building and designing a website, one that we do not realize often, but color schemes play a vital role in how people perceive our brand. Colors can invoke different emotions. One might feel calm, happy, frustrated, or irritated by seeing certain colors. So, when using colors on your company’s website, you need to consider many factors; the niche, target market, branding, and other important elements of the color theory. The right tone of color is important to convey your brand’s voice effectively. You can be professional, quirky, creative, or simple with your approach to choosing colors when designing your website.


Branding is a general aspect of any business. To make an impact, the brand’s logo needs a proper placement with a holistic design that can attract as much attention as possible. If the logos are designed professionally, they will provide a clear picture of your brand and its offerings. So, place the logo in a position where it will be easy to locate. Typically, the top left corner of the page is ideal, as the client usually starts scanning the page’s content from here.

Building a Functional Website

When you are thinking about the functionality part, there are a lot of other factors that need your attention. You must address the broken links and check the loading issues and digital accessibility. You also need to check if the site provides your business with enough security. Besides these operational features, check the website from the customers’ perspective; if the contact forms, survey forms, and feedback forms are working appropriately for them, they can access the website as per the global standards, and so on. If, when considering the creation and design of a website, any of these factors of functional problems exist, it can cause the customer to leave the page.


It is essential to consider and say that web design is a vital part of business these days. Even the smallest web design mistake can ruin your customers’ experience, which can end up costing you a significant amount of money.

So, with all the above-mentioned aspects of designing and building a website, it is clear what considerations you need to make for a great website. Website design, navigation, and content should be well aligned with customer understanding, which will help you generate more leads and convert more sales in the future.