It’s no secret that WordPress is popular. 30% of all websites use WordPress, and WordPress holds a dominant 59.4% market share when it comes to content management systems. But it’s not just tons of small websites using WordPress – did you know that some of the biggest and famous sites and brands in the world use WordPress, too?

That’s what I’ll be digging into in this post! A look at some of the biggest websites using WordPress backed up by Alexa traffic ranking and real data. We’ve put together an extensive showcase of well over 50 leading/famous brands using WordPress: brands/businesses you’ve almost certainly heard of! I’ve listed some famous sites using WordPress.

Famous Sites Using WordPress
Famous Sites Using WordPress

Famous Sites Using WordPress

WordPress Is For Everyone!

WordPress is not only for big and famous brands, WordPress is for you and for everyone that wants to build a site for any purpose, with practically unlimited themes, plugins and a massive and helpful community, it’s all you need! please have a look in some of our customers on this page.

Famous Brands Using WordPress


How to Build Your Own WordPress Site?

Looking at all these popular brands using WordPress, you may be wondering how you can start your own WordPress website. First, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right platform. A self-hosted site gives you the freedom to build truly powerful websites with all the features of WordPress. See more here.

Do you know another one? Want to list yours here? Feel free to use the comment section below to write all about it and what you think.

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