Famous Sites Using WordPress

Do you want to know examples of big-name & notable brands using WordPress on their famous sites? In this article, we'll list top WP websites

Famous Sites Using WordPress Notable Brands Examples

It’s no secret that WordPress is popular. 30% of all websites use WordPress, and WordPress holds a 65% market share in content management systems. But it’s not just tons of small websites using WordPress – did you know that some of the biggest and most famous sites examples and notable brands in the world use WordPress in their websites, too?

That’s what I’ll be digging into in this post! A look at some of the most significant websites using WordPress backed up by Alexa traffic ranking and accurate data. We’ve assembled an extensive showcase of over 50 leading/famous brands using WordPress: brands/businesses you’ve almost certainly heard of! I’ve listed some favorite sites using WordPress.

Famous Sites Using WordPress Examples

  1. TED Live Site
  2. People Live Site
  3. Sony Music
  4. Visualmodo
  5. Playstation Blog
  6. CNN Press Room
  7. Disney Books
  8. Verizon Fios Live Site
  9. Etsy Live Site
  10. Mashable
  11. Variety Live Site
  12. Jay-Z
  13. Home Depot Live Site
  14. Hypebeast
  15. Whitehouse.gov Live Site
  16. 007
  17. Reuters Live Site
  18. Katy Perry
  19. UPS Live Site
  20. Microsoft News
  21. AMC Live Site
  22. PlayStation Live Site
  23. Creative Commons
  24. Zillow Live Site
  25. cPanel Famous websites examples in WordPress
  26. Chicago Sun Times Live Site
  27. Mozilla Blog
  28. Skype Live Site
  29. Observer Famous websites examples in WordPress
  30. Yelp Live Site
  31. Spotify Newsroom
  32. Tim Ferriss Live Site
  33. The Harvard Gazette
  34. The Next Web Live Site
  35. Boing Boing
  36. The New Yorker Live Site
  37. Toyota Brazil
  38. Tech Crunch Live Site
  39. The Rolling Stones
  40. Dole Live Site
  41. Usain Bolt
  42. Laughing Squid Live Site
  43. Wired

Star Wars Blog: Famous & Notable Brands Sites Examples Using WordPress

As part of the Disney brand, the Star Wars blog followed suit, using WordPress to handle the massive amount of traffic it was sure to see every day. Everyone is eagerly anticipating the latest installment of Star Wars, which comes out in Dec. 2019.

To ensure everyone is kept up to date, The Official Star Wars Blog relies on the power and security of the WordPress platform to share news, events, video content, and stunning content images (loaded slowly for optimal load times). So, a very famous site and notable brands with their website using WordPress.

Facebook Newsroom

Want to keep up with the latest happenings in the Facebook world? Then visit this WordPress powered site to see the latest Facebook news and press releases from brands around the world. Facebook has taken over the world of social media and reaches billions of people across the globe.

So for their blogging needs, they need a foundation that can handle all of that and then some. Thanks to the flexibility WordPress offers website owners, you can also access company information, media libraries, directories, and more.

Lollapalooza: Famous & Notable Brands Sites Examples Using WordPress

Lollapalooza is a renowned four-day Chicago music festival with a global reach that brings people from all over the world together in the name of music. This well-known WordPress site allows users to buy tickets, sign up for emails, check out the artist lineup, and keep up with the latest news.

The site also includes dynamic background images, scrolling animations, and a bold color scheme, all built using the same CMS.

WordPress Is For Everyone!

WordPress is not only for big and famous brands. Moreover, WordPress is for you and everyone who wants to build a site for any purpose. With practically unlimited themes, plugins, and a massive and helpful community, it’s all you need! Please have a look at some of our customers on this page.

But the problem is, when people think of WordPress, many of them still think it’s only for small and medium business websites or blogs. In fact, many people feel that popular CMSs are not good enough to handle the personal websites of well-known companies, well-known global brands, and even some of the world’s most famous celebrities. But it is.

We are here today to dispel this myth by sharing with you some of the most famous active websites using WordPress and show you just how powerful this content management system can be.

Famous Brands Using WordPress

How to Build Your Own WordPress Site?

Looking at all these popular brands using WordPress, you may wonder how to start your own WordPress website. First, you must make sure you are choosing the right platform. So, a self-hosted WordPress.org site allows you to build truly powerful websites with all the features of WordPress. See more here.

Do you know another one? Want to list yours here? Finally, feel free to write about it and what you think in the comment section below.