Visualmodo FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ: This Frequently Asked Questions page contains answers to the most common questions about Visualmodo Premium WordPress Themes.

FAQ: What Is WordPress?

Firstly, the most common frequently asked questions. WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It’s a simple yet immensely powerful script that helps you create, manage, and share your content easily on the web. Currently, WordPress has two versions, (hosted) and (self-hosted). While we have themes for both versions, all the themes on our site will only work with the (self-hosted) software. You can find our themes for on our theme page.

What Is A WordPress Theme?

A theme, template, skin, etc… are ready-to-use design and layout that you can pop right onto your existing WordPress site. WordPress handles all of the content for you (posts, pages, comments), while the theme transforms that content into a beautiful and clean layout for your visitors to see. All Visualmodo theme comes with great tools for anybody, with experience or not creating a great website and a lot of premium plugins for free to save time and money making your site.

What WordPress Theme Does Visualmodo Site Use?

FAQ: We have the pleasure of using one of the themes that we sell on our site. We use the Peak – Royal Multipurpose Retina WordPress Theme to build and manage our Visualmodo site.

How Do You Provide Support?

Sure, we have complete Knowledge on our Help Center to help you, we create really nice tutorials explaining step-by-step how to create awesome pages, we make videos to help, and we have a highly trained support team to help you 24/7 because the most important thing for us is to see your site ready and conquering the internet. If you need any help, feel free to submit a ticket to us.

Which Payment Types Do You Accept?

We currently accept PayPal and Stripe because it’s the most secure and robust methods of online payment. However, we work in other marketplaces that accept more payment methods.

Do Themes Have Licenses?

All theme purchases have licenses, which will allow you to update your theme and receive support. Each license is valid for one year of updates and support. After this one year, you can still use your theme if you want it, but you don’t have more support, however, you can always renew your license with a discount.

FAQ: How Can I Purchase An Visualmodo WordPress Theme?

If you want to work with us, you need to choose your WordPress theme in our online shop and click on the ‘buy theme’ button. You will go to the cart page. You can apply for a coupon to get a discount. Then you need to click on the proceed to checkout button, type your information, and click on proceed to PayPal to choose your payment form and complete it. As soon as you complete it, you will be redirected to a page on our website where you can download your WordPress theme and receive an e-mail too. In addition, we have a video tutorial for it.

Where Do I Download My Purchase(s)?

Another FAQ. Once your order is complete, you should receive an email noting this. There will be a download link in the email itself, but you can also come to our site at any time to download your purchase(s). Go to your Account Page and download it.

FAQ: How Do I Install My Visualmodo WordPress Theme?

Simple, you will download a .zip file with the WordPress theme, document, demo content, and sliders inside of it. You need to extract the theme folder of this .zip folder (is another .zip file), then go to your WordPress admin panel, appearance, themes, add new, upload the theme, and select the file you extracted and upload it, then you need to activate it. If you want, you can always install your WordPress theme via FTP too. Our support team can install the theme on your WordPress if you want, submit us a ticket, and do it for you. We love to help.

Do Your Themes Work With The Latest Version WordPress?

FAQ: Yes, it is our duty to keep the themes up-to-date and work with the latest WordPress version. Currently, our themes are developed and fine-tuned for WordPress 6 or higher.

How Can I Update My WordPress Theme?

Easy, our developers are always working on great updates for our themes to give you more tools. Once your Visualmodo WordPress theme is installed and activated on your WordPress, you will see notifications of a new theme version available to download. You will need to click on it to update it, is simple, easy, and fast.

FAQ: Do Your Themes Work With WordPress Plugins?

Yes, most plugins should work with our themes. However, we can’t guarantee they all will. Some plugins conflict with the code used in the themes, which will make our themes not function properly. There are thousands of plugins available, and we can’t test every one with our themes, unfortunately. In conclusion, If the plugin has been coded to WordPress standards, it’ll work 99% of the time. Finally, you can find more frequently asked questions on our support center.

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