When it comes to using Instagram features and stickers on stories for business and Instagram marketing, there are a few features that you can make the best use of while creating your stories to get the most out of these. These features are all very useful in raising the interest of the followers and will even grow in numbers. Here are a few of these features that you should focus on.

Location and hashtag Instagram stickers

Features And Stickers To Include In Instagram Stories For Businesses

When Instagram introduced stickers to Instagram Stories in 2017 these were considered to be just for fun, rather than useful. However, over time, Instagram has added a lot of new functionalities to it making it useful for the businesses to incorporate these into their stories. These functionalities include the ability to see any location-based stories that appear on the Explore page.

Most recently, Instagram has added functionality to search for specific stories by location as well as hashtag. These features have literally transformed the functionality and usage of these Instagram Stories Stickersthat has made a huge difference for the businesses, irrespective of their size and kind. At first, you were able to share your Instagram Stories with only your own followers but these new features have now enabled you to:

  • See your Instagram Stories from different location and hashtags and
  • Tag the location with a specific sticker to make it appear in the Instagram Stories of that location

Similarly, with the hashtag stickers when a user tags a specific hashtag in their Instagram Stories, the same will appear on all the corresponding hashtag page.

Clickable links

This is another feature that is rolled out by Instagram recently. It adds to the ability of a user to add links to Instagram Stories. This is also of huge benefit to the business because this is in fact, the first time ever that any user can add a link to Instagram which is not the link they added in their Instagram bio.

This has enhanced the prospects and utility of Instagram marketing because now the users are able to send their followers to a specific landing page right from their stories and not from the bio. You can use this clickable link anywhere such as:

  • The product page or a
  • New blog post.

It will be effective enough to drive more Instagram traffic to your site and also to all different kinds of landing pages relevant to it. Just follow this pro tip from blastup.com when you incorporate such clickable links into your design. Call it out using any of the following:

  • A text
  • Arrows or any other design elements.

This will because the “See More” call-to-action button is so small when it appears on stories with your clickable links that it often goes unnoticed.

Tag businesses and other accounts

As you may be well aware of the effectiveness of Instagram contests in getting new followers and driving more engagement, you will be even far better off in driving more traffic to your account now that you have the ability to tag other accounts and businesses in Instagram Stories.

  • When you tag other accounts in your stories it will help you in running an influencer campaign or a takeover.
  • When you tag businesses in your sponsored Instagram Stories, on the other hand, you can make the best use of this paid partnership feature.

While talking of the influencers, you will not have to rely on a handful of influencers or celebrities now. Experts say that there is a large-scale rollout expected in the following months.

Polls and emoji sliders

You can now survey your Instagram audience to know more about their likes, dislikes, interests, preferences and more with these new and interactive poll stickers recently launched by Instagram.

  • Adding these stickers into your Instagram Stories will allow you to ask questions to your followers. Moreover, at the same time see the results when they vote.
  • The poll stickers will also offer you with an entirely new way to engage with your audience on Instagram. In addition, collect feedback regarding your products or crowdsource ideas.

The most unique thing about these poll stickers is that these have so many uses for businesses apart. From simply entertaining your followers. All you have to know is how exactly you can use the Instagram Stories Pollsto get some inspiration.

Other Instagram stickers to use on stories

There are a few other stickers and elements that you can use into your Instagram stories. These are:

  • Question stickers: Much unlike poll stickers and emoji sliders that allow the users to vote on questions by you. The question stickers, when you add it to your Instagram story. It will allow the users on the contrary to submit questions for you to answer. This also ensures a higher level of engagement from both the parties.
  • Countdown stickers: This will count down the date and time of an upcoming event set by you. Such as an in-store sale or a product launch. Followers can subscribe to the countdown event to get a reminder when the countdown is complete.
  • GIF stickers: You can add fun with these expressive GIF stickers to your photos or videos in your Instagram stories. These stickers are built in partnership with GIPHY in 2017 which is easy to add by tapping on the new GIF option. This will provide you with a more consistent way to add personality to your Instagram Stories. It will also help you to build a loyal following.
  • Instagram Live: This is a video replay feature that comes as a recent update of the Instagram platform. This eliminates the limit of views issue as Instagram Live videos. Previously could not be shared or replayed after the broadcast. This feature has the potential to become as big as Facebook Live!
  • Instagram Stories Highlights: This feature will allow your stories to stay forever in your profile until you delete them.

Lastly, you can also use the IGTV and Instagram posts in your stories too. Displaying the username of the original poster instead of a screenshot of the feed. All these latest features will set up your business for success.

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