Fintech UX Design Trends

Learn how to engage in the area of finances. Check out the top fintech UX design trends and key disruptive elements for digital banking

By Claudio Pires
Updated on October 27, 2023
Fintech UX Design Trends

As we are moving to the new Internet era and the world full of online actions, the topic of fintech design becomes more and more demanding. If previously a designer could be a kind of a universal soldier, nowadays it is impossible, especially in the area of finances. Check out the top fintech UX design trends and key disruptive elements for digital banking.

When we talk about fintech app design one has to take into account many important factors starting from laws in a given country and ending with the money-related traditions in the region. Not to mention the issues of security and the crucial role of the user’s experience inside the product. Let’s discover the current trends in this area and the challenges that we face.

What is special about fintech design?

This area has been quickly developing recently with the creation of numerous amazing products. Only a few decades earlier it was hard to imagine a bank on the phone and now we have fully online financial institutions that satisfy all the needs of their clients.

Still, the issue of safety is here in the first place. Clients provide many sensitive data to the companies and trust them with their money, so they wish to stay completely sure that everything goes well.

In addition, they are constantly searching for new seamless experiences and want to get more and more from the interaction with digital products.

At last, financial systems may be difficult to understand but the user should not see this side of the process.

He has plain tasks and actions to perform and a fintech product must help with this. It is really a challenging task to combine all this with the financial rules and regulations of a given country. That is why fintech design is so sophisticated and requires experienced designers who can cope with such requirements.

The best fintech design: current UX trends

What is in the spotlight for now? The following trends belong to must-haves for companies: Additional actions. On the one hand, the seamless experience and user-friendly interface are as must. On the other hand, as we are talking about finance, the user has to be sure of every action.

Thus, it becomes popular to add small additional frictions, for instance, to approve the transactions. If made correctly, such things do not disturb the client.

On the contrary, overall satisfaction increases as he feels the control and makes no mistakes that are crucial for money management; Responsive feedback on the actions that the user has made is also important.

It should be unobtrusive and informative at the same time; Micro-interactions during actions in progress contribute greatly to brand awareness and make interaction with the product more enjoyable.

Here different kinds of graphics are useful and very popular among users;


Gamification belongs to the most amazing current trends as it helps to relieve the burden of financial tasks a bit. Let your clients get rewards and participate in small challenges. This will help to engage a larger audience and motivate the users to come back to the product more often;

Data visualization

Data visualization is also crucial for fintech app design. The thing is that there are many numbers in such products and it is quite easy for the user to get lost among them. The easier, brighter and understandable the representation is, the better. In addition, there should be several options to choose between that will help the user not to get bored;

Simple language

If the world of banks and finances was previously covered under a veil of numerous unknown words and special jargon, nowadays it is doing its best to become understandable for every client. Plain language is the first step to take toward this goal;

Personalization and customization

Personalization and customization start from a variety of interfaces that a user can choose from and ends with unique polls, proposals and relevant information shown in the app;


Security plays a key role and must be guaranteed for the user. As a part of it, it is important to motivate clients to create strong passwords. That can be done in some innovative and fun way using the fintech UX design trends;


Onboarding and verification should be under division and up so that the client will not get out or bored while passing these procedures. Financial institutions cannot avoid them, as they must know their clients. At the same time, it is crucial to give the user a pleasant experience from the beginning and attract his attention and trust;

Visual identity

Visual identity means increasing brand awareness and involving as many loyal clients as possible. It is a creative and challenging task to do but that is the point that distinguishes one product from the other. Thus, the successful story starts here.

These are the basic trends that are ready at helping both companies and users. While the experience of the latter becomes better, they stay more engaged and companies also reach their goals. Check out the top fintech UX design trends and key disruptive elements for digital banking.

Choosing a fintech design agency

Another important tip on fintech design is to find a reliable team. That will be able to make your dreams in this area come true. It is better to trust your ideas to the professionals who will help you to achieve the desired result.

For example, Arounda Design Agency has more than six years of experience and many success stories of fintech products development. The enthusiastic professional team is ready to perform any task quickly and with the highest quality. When you apply with your project there will be:

A detailed discussion of your vision and aims. According to it, the team creates an initial plan of work; Design stage.

Here the professionals are doing their work consulting with you on emerging issues. Development stage after which you get the final product that works as you have expected or even better. Moreover, it does not take too much time and is truly affordable.

In addition, you can stay sure that professionals follow all current trends in the area. So, your product will be modern and highly competitive in the market where everyone wishes to stand out. I hope the top fintech UX design trends and key disruptive elements for digital banking helps you.

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