Fix And Keep Charger Cables From Breaking

Learn how to fix, reinforce, protect and keep charger cables from breaking to prevent mobiles and smartphones damage and performance loss

By Claudio Pires
Updated on February 19, 2024
Fix And Keep Charger Cables From Breaking

If the charger cables are frayed, or the cords are broken, it will not only affect the performance of the device. In addition, it will also damage them. It will also cause inefficient charging increasing your monthly utility bills as well. Learn how to fix, reinforce, prevent, and keep charger cables from breaking.

Therefore, if you want to keep your charger in sync and [protect your mobile device, repair and protect your iPhone charger cords to prevent them from breaking in the first place. Here are a few practical and easy ways to do so.

Charger Cables Fix Tips

Cable Pen Spring

You can protect your Apple charger cable from breaking with the pen spring. You may feel that it will make the charger look ugly, but it is adequate to protect your cable from breaking, and it is also a time-tested and honored trick. It is a simple process to follow.

  • If you have a couple of old pens lying around, open these
  • Remove the spring and
  • Wind it around your iPhone cord at the top and at the bottom as well.
  • Ensure the slightly thicker part below the connector is well covered to protect it from breaking.

The spring will help prevent the cord from bending and holding all of it together.

Use a Paracord To Protect Your Charger Cable

You can also protect your charger cable with a paracord. This is a creative way to protect your charger cable from breaking. Learn how to fix, reinforce, prevent, and keep charger cables from breaking and protect mobiles.

  • Take a reasonable length of paracord and gut it
  • Melt the ends to prevent them from fraying
  • Weave the entire lot of the paracord around your charging cable and
  • Use a ‘cobra’ knot as you go ahead.

The end will be less ugly in comparison to a pen spring and more colorful and customizable to boot. However, here the catch is tying the paracord knot. There are lots of websites that will provide a step-by-step guide for it. Take help from these.

Use Electrical Tape

This is the best trick to save your charger cable from breaking. Electrical tape is readily available and is a strong protector.

  • Firstly, take a length of this electrical tape
  • Secondly, wrap the ends of the cord with it
  • Finally, ensure it is as tight as possible at the place where the cable meets the plugs and you are good to go.

This process will work great if you want an inexpensive way to protect your cord but be informed that it will be for a short while as over time, the tape will come loose and leave a nasty sticky residue. Learn how to fix, reinforce, prevent, and keep charger cables from breaking and protect smartphones.

Heat Shrink Tubing

If you do not want any mess, using heat shrink tubing is the best and the sexiest option to protect or repair a charger cable. This stuff is:

  • Cheap
  • Easily available in local hardware stores and
  • Comes in many colors.

Slide the tubing over the cable and use a hair dryer to heat it so that it shrinks to fit on the wire to provide sound reinforcement. You will get additional protection if you use a pen spring over the cord first and then shrink-wrap the tubing.

Reinforcing Charger Cables: How Keep It From Breaking?

Tie a wire’s spring to a cable’s end to prevent fraying

Unscrew a reusable pen and take the metal spring off of the ink tube. Twist the spring around the most sensitive part of the cable that links the wire to the connector.

  • This will prevent fraying at the cable’s most delicate area while maintaining flexibility.
  • Employ 2 bolts that extend across both vulnerable ends. Place 1 near the wire that connects to the charger side and 1 near the device’s connector end.
  • Be aware that your pen will no longer function once you remove the spring, so this may not be the best option if you want to affix many cables since you’ll have a collection of non-operating pens.

Purchase cable protectors intended for commercial use to reinforce multiple wires

Purchase cable shields that are made of rubber or another malleable material. Twist or slide the shields onto the ends of the wire that connect to the connectors in order to prevent the wire from breaking due to tension or bending.

These forms of protection resemble thick rubber spirals with various colors. You bundle them onto the cable to shield it. Other styles have an open side that you can extend to cover the wire in the protector.

  • You can couple 2 safeguards to each wire to attain the most significant safety. All you have to do is slide the first one to the end of the wire, where it meets the block that holds the charger.
  • Slide another wire onto the portion of the wire that intersects with the device connector.
  • Other fun decorative cable covers that resemble animals can also be found to add some extra flair to your cables.
  • You can purchase a bundle of 24 or so essential spiral cable covers that are priced at around USD 12 online.
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