Free PSD Mockups For Designers

The work printed on the physical poster is satisfactory. See a list and get free PSD Mockups Templates for Designers.

Updated on February 22, 2023
Free PSD Mockups For Designers

You’ve just created a poster, so now it’s time for the presentation. When your hard work is professionally printed on a physical poster, it will be satisfying. But this can be pretty expensive. So, view a list of PSD Mockups now and get free Mockup templates for designers.

Creating a poster for indoor or outdoor advertising is a really fun project for a designer. And also, with Photoshop PSD poster mockups, you can see how your design will be presented as a framed print, wrapped canvas, or even an outdoor billboard. So, in this article, I round up free Photoshop PSD poster mockup templates that you can use to showcase your artwork.

Lucky for you, many high-quality and free poster mockups created by other designers will help you or the client see your poster design printed and mounted in a realistic environment. As you can find in this post, I have collected a total list of Free PSD Poster Mockups from a framed print, holding, and perspective, in addition to workspace, museum, outdoor, billboard, with different lighting options, etc.

Moreover, all of them are easy to use and featured with smart objects, so you just place your poster to have it automatically mocked up.

What is a Mockup?

The mockup is a static design of a website page or app that retains many final design elements but has no functionality. Models are not as complex as live pages and usually contain some placeholder data.

It is useful to breakdown each part of this PSD mockups definitions.

As a “static design,” the mockup does not have the functionality of a live website. Although the mockup includes a colored CTA button, unlike the website (or the prototype website; more on that later), it doesn’t open the form when clicked. A mockup might show a cover photo at the top of the page but no active carousel like a website.

A mockup isn’t the first stage of website development, so it’s on its way to a finished product, but it still has a long way to go. For example, a mockup might contain placeholder copies (think “lorem ipsum“) or images, but it should have a good idea of ​​how the page looks, not how it behaves.

What is the Purpose of Mockups?

Ultimately, PSD mockups serves as the visual design for the website or app. Also designed to bring ideas and wireframes to life, designers can test how different visual elements work together.

Models give designers a page a chance to see how that page will look while suggesting changes to layout, colors, images, styles, and more. For example, if you’re curious about a page with secondary colors, you can test how it looks by creating a second version of the mockup. If you want to make a change, for example, by adding a title when the image is centered, your model can show the team what this potential change might look like.

They must create pages for specific purposes with specific objective mockups and allow teams to learn how to achieve this with layouts created by UI designers using wireframes and how to bring the layouts to life using their brand standards and visual creativity.

Where are Mockups Used in the Web Design Process?

Step by step, mockups are almost half of the web design process. However, they’re nonetheless withinside the early degrees of design.

A loose design process looks like this:

  • Ideation
  • Wireframing
  • Mockup
  • Prototyping
  • Go live

Ultimately, the wireframe stage involves creating a rough layout for the page and setting a goal to create a page using design theory to achieve that goal. Then, the mockup takes that layout and makes it more robust and lifelike. 

After the stakeholders agree on the visual aspects of the model, we proceed to the prototyping phase. So, here actual development is required to turn the mockup into a closer version of the page’s functionality. But, of course, this happens before a page goes live with real users or visitors.

The Best Free PSD Mockups for Designers Download

Mockup templates are ideal for displaying your design directly in the appropriate medium. So whether it’s an iPhone or iPad, Apple Watch or MacBook, a t-shirt, or a giant outdoor t-shirt, check out some of the best in this list we prepared for you and get free mockup templates. Using a 3D Mockup plugin for Photoshop can help you easily create 3D mockups.

Free PSD Poster Mockups by Mike Delsing

Mike Delsing poster mockup blue background
Free Poster Mockup by Mike Delsing

Download this poster mockup

Free Spring Party Poster Mockup by Freepik

Person holds spring party poster mockup by Freepik free PSD Mockups for designers
Free Spring Party Poster Mockup by Freepik

Download this poster mockup

Free PSD Poster Mockups by Zoki Design

Poster Mockup Zoki Design Free PSD Mockups For Designers
Free Poster Mockup by Zoki Design

Download this poster mockup

Free PSD Poster Mockups Frame Mockup with Poster by Freepik

Frame mockup with Freepik poster
Free Frame Mockup with Poster by Freepik

Download this frame mockup

Free PSD Poster Mockups Website by Mockuuups

Poster Mockup by Mockuuups Studio computer white
Free Poster Mockup by Mockuuups Studio

Check the website

Free Poster Mockups Website by Smartmockups

Free Poster Mockup by Smartmockps
Free PSD Mockups For Designers

Check the website

Frame Mockups by BlueMonkeyLab

Download this frame mockup

Free Street Poster Mockup by Zlatko Plamenov

Download this poster mockup

Poster Frame Mockup by Original Mockups

Download this poster frame mockup

PSD Mockups: Free Poster Design Mockup by Tim Easley

Download this poster design mockup

Free PSD Poster Frame Mockups by Pixeden

Download this poster frame mockup

A4 Flyer Mockups by Pixeden

Download this flyer mockup

Free Paper Mockup by Pstutorialsws

Download this paper mockup

Finally, If you know more examples and want to share them, feel free to use the comment section below. In addition, let us know more about your ideas; feel free to ask questions or write experiences and tips.