Just because you have a group of people working for your startup, it doesn’t mean they are a team. In fact, they may not even like each other, see now some fun practices to encourage team building!

Many startups are run by a diverse selection of individuals. You may have creative types in charge of the website and marketing, steady types taking control of the finances, and full-on types in charge of sales. Not surprisingly, there will probably be a few personality clashes, which makes it hard to gel.

Team building exercises are a useful tool and not just management mumbo-jumbo. Team building exercises help your team become a fully-functional team. They can work better together, communicate properly, and pull together for the sake of the greater good, i.e. your company.

Here are some fun ways to help your team bond. And the best bit? None of them involve being forced to forage for food in a remote and inhospitable location.

Fun Ways to Encourage Team

Fun Ways to Encourage Team Building at Your Startup
Fun Ways to Encourage Team Building at Your Startup


Play Board Games

When was the last time you sat down and played Scrabble or Monopoly? Chances are, it was many moons ago. Well, we have news for you. Board games are no longer a retroactivity your grandma insists you do at Christmas; instead, they are hip and cool.

There are board game cafes in many towns and cities, where geeky types can buy a latte and settle down with a game of trivial pursuit. It’s a lot of fun and you can use this to your advantage. Invest in some board games and hold a gaming session one afternoon. It will help break the ice and encourage your team to communicate with each other in an informal setting.

Take an Escape Room Challenge

Escape Rooms are all the rage right now. The premise is very simple: a group of people is locked in a room, and to escape, they must solve the puzzles and challenges in 60 minutes or less. There are numerous themes to choose from, including murder mansions and runaway trains. Choose the theme you like, form a team, and get cracking.

Book your team into a Charlotte escape room. To beat the clock, they must work together. If they don’t, they lose the challenge.

Devise a Scavenger Hunt

Do you remember doing treasure hunts when you were a kid? Solving clues and hunting for buried treasure was a lot of fun. A modern-day scavenger hunt is just as much fun and a fabulous team building exercise. The idea is very simple; you have to hunt down items on a list. To make it harder, the team has to solve clues to find the item’s location.

The more ingenious your clues are, the harder it will be to find each item. This is the type of challenge that could take a while to complete, but it’s good for teams who like to test their cognitive powers.

There are many other team building exercises you could do, such as going bowling or playing truth or dare. Tell us about your favorite activities in the comments.

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