Working in digital marketing can earn you around $7,000 more a year than working in traditional marketing. This is important if you have just graduated and are paying off a student loan. If you’re looking for a graduate job, you need to be up-to-date with your skills, especially as 40% of marketing jobs now require a digital focus. So what can you do to help get that career that you’ve always dreamed of?

Get A Graduate Career in Digital Marketing

Get A Great Graduate Career in Digital Marketing

Become An Expert In Difficult Skills

If you want to get ahead of the competition, it will pay to become an expert in some of the more tricky digital marketing fields. According to research by Burning Glass, the top three most desired skills are Client Based Retention, the Internet of Things and Social Media Integration. There is also a lot of emphases put on digital advertising, digital analytics, and content marketing. It is worth doing some post-graduate online courses in these fields if you’re looking to further your career and get a great salary. This can help you to kickstart your financial future and potentially earn more money.

Apply To A Unicorn Company

Unicorn companies are startups that have already been valued at over a billion dollars. For instance Lyft, Pinterest and Snapchat. These companies are defining new marketing roles for graduates and specializing heavily in digital marketing. These are generally newer organizations that understand the importance of a digital presence when advertising and building a brand. A quarter of marketing opportunities at unicorn companies are digital, so they’re your best bet if you want to get a foot in the door.

Keep Your Resume Up To Date

Your resume is a reflection of your skills – you should make sure that it is up to date and packed with relevant skills. Social media is top of the requirements for both Unicorn and Fortune 100 in current job postings, closely followed by marketing knowledge, budgeting and project management. Keep your resume up to date with good examples of work that include these key experience points. You should be able to give evidence, even if it includes projects that you did as a student.

Digital marketing is a profitable and rewarding career. If you want to be top of a company’s employment list, make sure that you are up-to-date with your knowledge and skills.

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