Google Adsense Keywords That Pays More

Learn how to find the best Google Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords that pays more and top niches to improve profit and ads money income

Updated on March 18, 2023
Google Adsense Keywords That Pays More

The most crucial factor to getting money online keyword list is to use the right tool. Some top google Adsense keywords can be obtained using keyword planner and other free tools. If you know how to get the right paying high CPC keywords in your niche, it is easier to develop your content. Learn how to find the best Google Adsense CPC keywords that pays more and top niches to improve profit and ads money income.

Low CPC (Cost Per Click) is responsible for this. You might have noticed that Adsense shows Ads according to post content mostly. Specifically, we can say, Ads are related to the post’s keywords. CPC is related to these keywords.

Google won’t pay you an average rate for clicks. Sometimes you earn $3 for a click, whereas sometimes, they won’t pay you $3 for 50 clicks. Here is the point. It depends on the Ads that people click on.

People who click on a high-paying Ad will get a reasonable payment. As I said, Ads are showing according to your content’s keywords. If you have high-paying keywords in your post, you will get a high PPC (Pay Per Click).

High Paying Keyword is a keyword that has a high CPC for which advertisers (Adwords) are bidding. Having a high-paying keyword means more PPC income for publishers (Adsense).

I know you want to know which are high-paying keywords. Wait, In this post, I will show you how to find high-paying Adsense keywords for your blog.

Find Adsense Keywords That Pays More

Finding high-paying keywords is easy but not enough to increase your earnings. To increase your earning, you’ll have to find high-paying targeted Keywords that will generate more traffic to your blog.

For example, the most expensive keywords are Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Attorney, Hosting, Lawyer, Donation, etc. These keywords may not be related to your niche.

Even if it’s related to your niche, ranking for these keywords is tough. So it would help if you found keywords related to your place and easy to organize. One of the fantastic tools that can help you to find targeted and profitable keywords is SEMrush.

SEMrush helps you to find the high CPC keywords that a website is ranking for. You can also find other statistical details regarding the keywords like Search Volume, Number of results, Trend, etc. Just enter your domain and see how SEMrush works.

Now let’s see how to use this tool to find profitable Adsense Keywords. Before I dive into the tutorial, I suggest you do two things. Learn how to find the best Google Adsense CPC keywords that pays more and top niches to improve profit and ads money income.

Way To Use

Firstly, you need to create an account on SEMrush. The semrush free version will give you access to only the top 10 results. So it’s better to have the Pro version. Secondly, you need to make a list of authority blogs that are related to your niche.

Now login to your SEMrush account. For the sake of this tutorial, we assume that you are running a tech blog, and we will find the keywords for that use Adsense.

Type the domain and click on Search.  Then click on View the full report from top keywords. It will show the keywords that are driving traffic to Labnol.

To get the high CPC keywords, click on the CPC tab. You will find that most of the keywords are long tail keywords. In this case, the highest CPC keyword is $114.30. You can see the online demo.

The 10 Most Expensive Keywords (the highest CPC) in Google AdSense

Whether you realize it or not, 90% of the revenue generated by Google comes from advertisers. Advertisements that focus on fitness, entertainment, or real estate help Google generate billions of dollars every year.

If you are interested in learning the most lucrative Google AdSense keywords with the highest CPC (Cost Per Click) and the highest monthly global searches in 2023, here are the top 10 keywords.

  1. Insurance (with a $50 per CPC cost) that accounted for 24% of all Google searches.
  2. Loans (with an average cost of $45 per CPC) that account for over 13% of all Google searches
  3. Mortgage (more than $47 per CPC) with over 9% of total Google searches.
  4. Attorney (with a per-CPC fee of over $47) with over 3.5% of all Google searches.
  5. Credit (with a cost of over $36 per CPC) having a percentage of searches for Google exceeding 3.2%.
  6. Lawyer (with a per-CPC cost of over $42) that accounts for over 3% of all Google searches.
  7. Donate (with over $42 per CPC) with over 2.5% of all Google searches.
  8. Degree (with a cost of over $40 per CPC) with over 2.2% of all Google searches.
  9. Hosting (with a cost of over $32 per CPC) with over 2% of all Google searches
  10. Claim (more than $45 per CPC) with over 1.4% of all Google searches.

Quick Notes: You are not even eligible for the rank of the keywords above. They are hard to place in the top 10 search results unless you have a budget of one million dollars for content marketing, search engine optimization, and other things.

However, you can certainly focus on keywords that are long tail that are related to it. For example, you could target keywords like “car insurance in Delhi” instead of the competitive keyword “insurance”.

Are you conveying to me?

Find Lucrative Keywords

Now, let’s talk about how you can find lucrative keywords really easily.

For this lesson, I’m primarily focused on Semrush. Do you understand the reason?

Semrush is not only the most effective method for finding lucrative keywords in any field, but it also provides insight into other aspects of keyword research, including backlink analysis, competitor’s information, and related keywords.

If you want to learn more about Semrush, I highly recommend you read the review of it.

Now, it’s important to discuss how to find the highest-paying AdSense keywords before proceeding with the discussion of finding keywords and best AdSense niches profit.

Final Words

Now start copying the keywords which are related to your blog. And do the same process for the other domains on your list.

Once you’ve collected the keywords, it’s time to write a blog post targeting them. Ensure you optimize your blog post On Page SEO properly to get a high rank for those keywords. It will take some time to get high classes and increase your earnings. I hope it explains how to find the best Google Adsense CPC keywords that pays more and top niches to improve profit and ads money income.