Google Cloud Advantages and Benefits

We’ve enlisted the top key advantages, benefits, and downsides of the Google Cloud hosting platform (GCP) so you can make the right decision

By Claudio Pires
Updated on August 22, 2023
Google Cloud Advantages and Benefits

Are you looking for the best Cloud Hosting for your business? Here we’ve enlisted the top 7 key advantages, benefits, and downsides of the Google Cloud hosting platform (GCP) so you can make the right decision!

Choosing a cloud provider can be a complex process with long-term impacts on productivity, cost, and features. Do you select based on your existing environment’s Microsoft investment and go with Azure? Do you use the largest provider AWS (Amazon Web Services)? Or do you choose the newest provider Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

Google Cloud Advantages & Benefits

Competitive Pricing

In addition, a Google Cloud advantage is the underdog. Despite being launched in 2008, GCP has slowly gained market traction. This means that GCP is releasing competitive pricing that can beat Azure and AWS on many fronts, including IOPS and Medium-term instance costs.  See the graph below from using a percentage of Stack overflow questions/month.

Google Cloud Advantages and Benefits Graphic

Cheaper than AWS or Azure

Getting started on GCP can be cheaper than AWS or Azure. While all three offer a free tier, the GCP free tier is the most generous, allowing you to experiment without incurring costs.

Machine-learning tools On Google Cloud Advantages

GCP Uses Google. It can’t be stressed enough that Google and all its resources run GCP. The same internet backbone, machine learning tools, and load balancers that Google uses are available in GCP. This gives you a proven infrastructure used daily by billions of users.

AI Services: Google Cloud’s AI and Machine Learning services lead the way. TensorFlow, an open-source software library, has its roots in Google, allowing for vast machine-learning applications.

  1. Commitment to Open Source: GCP’s dedication to open-source technologies ensures flexibility, collaboration, and continuous enhancement.
  2. Live Migration of Virtual Machines: A standout feature of Google Cloud is its ability to migrate live VMs, ensuring zero downtime during maintenance.
  3. Data Centers Globally: GCP’s widespread network of data centers ensures faster and localized services to users across the globe.
  4. Sustainability: Google Cloud is committed to sustainability, operating its data centers with 100% renewable energy, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.
  5. Innovation: Leveraging Google’s pioneering spirit, businesses can always expect the latest in cloud technology and services.


  1. Learning Curve: While Google Cloud provides extensive documentation, its vast services can be daunting for newcomers.
  2. Pricing Complexity: Though competitive, Google Cloud’s pricing model can be complex and may require careful analysis to ensure cost efficiency.
  3. Comparatively Fewer Managed Services: GCP offers fewer “out-of-the-box” managed services than some of its major competitors.
  4. Market Share: Despite its prowess, GCP is third behind AWS and Azure in market share, which sometimes leads to a perception of it being a “third choice.
  5. Customer Support Concerns: Some users have reported inconsistencies in GCP’s customer support. While Google does offer premium support packages, the baseline support might not always meet everyone’s expectations, especially for critical business operations.
  6. Integration Challenges: Businesses operating outside the Google ecosystem might find integration with GCP less seamless than with other platforms. Especially if you’re entrenched in another tech ecosystem, migrations and integrations might require additional planning and resources. As a result, present on Google Cloud downsides.

Final Words About Google Could

So, there are many advantages of using Google Cloud Hosting services which are eventually a part of the Google Cloud Platform.

Above mentioned seven advantages (Better Pricing Plans Availability, Enhanced Execution, Benefits of Live Migration, Private Network, Commitment to Constant Development, Control and Security, and Redundant Backups) makes Google Cloud Hosting a good choice.

Different pricing plans are cheaper than other Platforms available in the computing world. So, Key benefits of Google Cloud.

Where does that leave you? If cost is a crucial factor, or you want to experiment with a free tier that can’t be taken, then Google Cloud Platform may be your choice.

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