Hashtag Trends That We’ve Seen During 2021 #Covid

Are you a social media marketer? Hashtags can help you. In this article, we'll see some hashtag trends that we've seen during this year.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
Hashtag Trends That We’ve Seen During 2021 #Covid

Are you a social media marketer? Has your business been hit hard by the Covid 19 pandemic?  Are you looking for ways in which you can stay afloat and spot opportunities even during these hard times? It’s time you considered hashtags as a marketing tactic. In this article, we’ll see some hashtag trends that we’ve seen during this year.

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtag Trends That We've Seen During 2021 #Covid

Hashtags on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram are selected words or phrases that are preceded by the (#) sign and are used to identify an interesting topic or make it easier to discover such posts.

What Makes A Hashtag Trend?

There are several reasons that can make a hashtag trend. A hashtag can trend because it attracts a huge following or because of the current state of affairs happening in a country or around the world. Since the Covid 19 pandemic started, social media has been overflowing with content about the virus, how it has affected our day to day lives and how people can protect themselves and other people by maintaining social distance and staying at home.

If you are an entrepreneur seeking to get your hashtag game right and to make your message about the pandemic visible, then you need to understand which hashtags are trending and how you can include them in your social media posts.

By using hashtag tracking tools such as these ones reviewed on QuantumMarketer.com to monitor trending hashtags, you will not only be able to find and manage hashtags for your social media site’s growth but also you will be able to optimize them and ultimately boost your brand’s growth on social media.

The truth is nobody knows whether the pandemic will end in the next few months or it will stretch into the long term. As an entrepreneur, however, you can use the trending #covid for marketing and help your business weather this storm and go beyond.

Let’s look at some of the popular hashtag trends or movements that we’ve seen in 2020 and are likely to spillover to 2021.

  1. #Covid 19: Hashtag Trends During This Year

#Covid19 and #Coronavirus are probably the most popular hashtags of this season. They globally by almost everyone who wants to give an update regarding the pandemic. Or to start a conversation about anything related to Covid 19. As an entrepreneur, you can combine your branded hashtags together with the trending Covid19 hashtag to put your brand in Infront of a bigger but still relevant audience.

  1. #FlattenTheCurve

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, so many businesses close. Cancelation of flights, vacations, and cruises. Schools and universities have moved their classes online and many offices have requested their staff to telecommute. All these efforts globally so as to flatten the curve. Why is a flatter curve better? Well, a flatter curve means that the virus is spreading slowly. So, this means that fewer people will need to rush to hospitals all at once. So, #FlattenTheCurve has positive awareness. How individuals can ensure that the healthcare system is not over during these trying times.

  1. #MaintainSocialDistance: Hashtag Trends During This Year

One of the ways that we can all flatten the curve is by maintaining social distance. Governments around the world have enforced social distancing. By isolating those who are sick and, in some cases, putting countries into total lockdown. As a brand, you can support the #MaintainSocialDistance campaign by encouraging people to stay at home and shop online. And if they must go out, each individual should wear a mask. Avoid crowded places and keep at least one meter distance from the next person.

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