Here Are The Limitations Of Using Website Builders No One Talks About

Developing a website is one of the most complex processes. In this article, you'll see the limitations of using website builders

Updated on July 25, 2022
Here Are The Limitations Of Using Website Builders No One Talks About

Developing a website is one of the most complex and time-taking processes. But, with the arrival of website builders, creating a website has become a cakewalk. This DIY-approach of creating a website is a boon for individuals and small businesses that look for a midway between having a website and hiring a paid professional website developer. In this article, you’ll see the limitations of using website builders that no one talks about.

Here Are The Limitations Of Using Website Builders No One Talks About

Although this way takes them to an easy website creating a solution, the journey from there becomes a little bumpy. Website builders like Weebly, Weblium, Squarespace, etc., provide a platform for individuals to create their websites at a very cheap rate, but with limitations.

Let us walk you through the limitations of using website builders for creating websites.

  • They are not custom-design: Limitations of Website Builders

If having a remarkable website is paramount for your business, website builders are not for you. They provide you with themes and layouts that look very generic. Many other enterprises may already be using your selected template, and hence, your website will fail to stand out. Plus, the free templates may not work on mobile phones.

  • They are not apt for professional businesses.

Quality design, professional features, customized layout, and SEO coding come together to form a professional business website. Sadly, all website builders lack these features.

You can make a website using website builders, but your audience will see it as a cheap-looking website. They may not even revisit it. Having an impressive site design is the prerequisite, and hence, you cannot afford to take any risk with the limitations of the website builders.

To create a professional-looking website, reach out to expert web development services, as they create a website with quality and aesthetic features.

  • They provide a restricted mobile experience.

Coding is one of the most important elements that facilitate seamless mobile viewing. But, with website builders, it is a big problem. These DIY website builders have restricted mobile optimization. The design or content you post on your website may not go along perfectly with mobile devices. And worst, you can do nothing about it.

Owing to the importance of having a mobile-friendly website, trusting website builders can run you into problems.

  • They have a slow loading time.

If your website takes time to load, you are surely losing your customers. Every person wants a website that loads quickly. Websites developed using website builders take a lot of time in loading than websites built by experienced web developers.

  • They allow you to create limited pages: Limitations of Website Builders

One of the biggest drawbacks of using a free website builder is that it allows you to create only a limited number of pages unless you are a premium member.

Some builders allow you to create up to 5 pages, but you can only create 1 or 2 pages with some. It is much deeper a problem than you anticipate. Few pages would mean less content, and little content would mean fewer keywords. Fewer keywords translate to fewer searches, which means you will have less traffic on your website.

  • They do not have key SEO elements.

Creating a website is easy, but its success is determined by SEO. Website builders provide messy and unstructured codes that hamper on-page SEO, and hence, your rankings on the search engines.

Also, as these websites do not let you include call-to-action or soft offers to capture your visitors’ e-mail addresses, you lose in terms of converting leads into customers. On the other hand, expert developers incorporate every element needed to multiply the sales on your platform.

It is always advisable to hire Magento developers to ensure that your website stands tall in SEO.

Limitations of Website Builders Conclusion

No business can survive the competition without having a properly structured and good-looking website. Stakes are even higher if you are an online retailer. Hence, instead of creating a website yourself, hire a website developer for the same and see great results!