Highest Paying Affiliate Niches

The term affiliate marketing, it is performance-based advertising. See the highest paying affiliate niches to increase profits.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
Highest Paying Affiliate Niches

For the few people that haven’t heard of the term affiliate marketing, it is performance-based advertising. Marketers get paid depending on revenues generated by the customers they bring to a business. It isn’t a novel concept, as it predates the internet. A niche refers to a targeted business sector. The ones to look at are those with growing or evergreen demand. Ideally, you should find one that can yield long-term profits via high referral commissions. If you are too lazy to do the legwork yourself, continue reading to discover all you need to know on this topic. In this article, you’ll see the highest paying affiliate niches to increase profits.


Online Gambling Highest Paying Affiliate Niches

Consultancy firm Grand View Research projects that the global online gambling market will reach $127 billion by 2027. For comparison’s sake, this industry segment was worth $59 billion in 2019. It should keep growing in the next six years at an annual rate of 11.5%.

Thus, this is an excellent time to take advantage of online casino referral systems. These tie in affiliates with referred players for life. Given that the industry expects a massive influx of new players over the next few years, here are a few things to remember before investing in this niche. Online casino banners do a better job of attaining referrals than those from poker and sports betting sites. The reason for this is because they target baby boomers with disposable income. That demographic is less likely to research operators before registering and more likely to click on ads. It is also essential to work with only safe and secure casino programs that have a reputation of always paying out commissions.

Virtual Private Network Services

A virtual private network, or VPN, is a service that funnels your internet connection, letting you surf the web anonymously. Per DataProt, 31% of internet users have used a VPN service at least once, and this sector has a current value of $31 billion. Given that cloud security is a massive worry for most IT professionals, and casual users are growingly concerned about data transfers over the internet, it is safe to say that these numbers will soon skyrocket.

ExpressVPN is one of the most heavily advertised VPN services. It provides a commission rate of $36 if you get someone to sign-up for their software for a year. Norton Security has a 20% revenue share of all sales. Lesser-established brands such as TunnelBear and FastestVPN offer stunning referral fees in the 50% to 60% range. 

Life & Wellness Highest Paying Affiliate Niches

Supplementation has exploded over the past two decades. A 2008 documentary titled – Bigger, Faster, Stronger does a decent job of exposing some of the inner workings of this industry. Know that the FDA does not review supplements for efficacy and safety. Grand View Research values this global market at $140 billion, which expands at an annual rate of 8.6%. Estimates put the number of dietary products and vitamins sold in the US at around 90,000, and surveys suggest that 52% of Americans take at least one supplement per day.

So, why is this an excellent niche? Well, the reality is that these products do not cost a lot of money to make. Therefore, some companies can afford to pay up to 30% in commissions for every sale. All you have to do is create a website, fill it with ads, informational videos, and semi-flattering reviews while watching money flow into your bank account.

Gadgets Highest Paying Affiliate Niches

Tech devices are not only more popular than ever, but people now see them as everyday necessities. According to Google, 61% of people have a smart device, and 76% use some form of AI at least once per week. Tech gadgets also rank as one of the top-five most-purchased gifts online for the past two years. There are a ton of devices to choose from, and no one can have everything.

You can select to market Bluetooth speakers, action cameras, drones, hoverboards, and so much more. Many manufactures offer commissions of around 15%. An example is Pluto Trigger, a high-speed smart camera that users can control via a smartphone. GearBest is a premier online electronics seller that offers the same percentage.


It seems like everyone has a course out today, so, one of the highest paying affiliate niches. Online education is quickly growing into a massive industry, and one of its crucial segments is classes about consciously developing one or more facets of your life. In other words, mental training. MarketResearch claims that this sector should hit $13.2 billion by 2022.

While in the past, DVD sales were self-help gurus’ cash-cows, now it is all about streaming video and audiobooks. 94% of millennials say that they are willing to spend $300 per month on self-improvement. They drive revenues in this industry that also pays 10%-15% in referral commissions. That is what you can expect from Tony Robbin’s website and the Coach Training Alliance.

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