Hiring Freelance Designers Hourly vs. Fixed Price: Which is Better for Your Startup?

See the differences between hiring freelance designers hourly vs. for a fixed price and see what is the best for your startup here today.


With the advancement in technology, startups are being created at an increased rate. Design work for a new company is also becoming increasingly commonplace. The major question that arises here is, “how many hours do I allocate to my design work?” or “should I use a fixed price service? In this article, you’ll see the differences between hiring freelance designers hourly vs. for a fixed price and see what is best for your startup.


Hiring freelance designers hourly or using fixed-price services is a topic that most startup founders struggle with. In the following article, we’ll discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of each method. So you can make an educated decision regarding which direction to go in.

Why You Should Hire Freelance Designers Hourly

The primary benefit of hiring a designer on an hourly basis is that it will give your startup. Or business the ability to change and update its designs as often as you desire, without any additional fees.

An hourly rate makes it easier to pay freelance designers. You can use a paystub creator to design your own pay stubs for freelance designers. All the pay elements are spelled out, making the process less complicated for both parties.

Why You Should Hire Freelance Designers on a Fixed Price Basis

Typically, design work completed through a fixed-price service will have a much lower cost to the client. The lower cost means that if your budget is slim, you can still release a professional. Polished product using an affordable price list.

Another benefit to purchasing design work through a fixed price service is that it often comes with unlimited revisions. Your new designs will be able to undergo many changes before they are finalized. Allowing you to get the perfect look for your website or product.

Reviewing the Contract

Both freelance designers hourly and those working on a fixed-price basis will want to have one thing in common: a contract. The document should include the price of your design work. All additional costs that you may incur along the way, for example. If there is a need for three rounds of revisions or time spent fixing errors. 

The freelance design contract you sign should also include the terms of payment. Including how much is due upfront, when payments are to be. Whether there will be additional fees for late payments.

If you cannot agree with a freelance designer’s hourly rate or fixed-price services, don’t hesitate to move on. Yes, this will mean you have to take a little more time in the hiring process. But it’ll be worth it when you’re sure that your freelance designer is willing to work with your budget.

Setting Expectations for the Project

One of the most critical steps in ensuring that your freelance designer successfully completes your project on time. Within budget is to set clear expectations. You can’t expect things like multiple drafts or minor changes for free. Nor should you expect the design work to be flawless after only one round of revisions.

If you hire freelance designers hourly. You’ll want to be clear about how many hours you’re willing to dedicate to the project each week. Similarly, if you are working with freelance designers on a fixed-price basis. You should be open and honest about your budget. So your designer can work within it while still meeting all of your design needs.

Understanding How To Find The Right Freelancer For Your Project 

If your freelance designer cannot meet your expectations, it could cost you more money in the end; time spent on multiple drafts or faulty designs will be charged according to an hourly rate.

There are pros and cons for both freelance designers working hourly or on a fixed price basis. Determining which method of freelance design work is best for your business is a matter of deciding what matters most to you: time or money.

Whether you are hiring freelance designers hourly or on a fixed price basis. Make sure you understand all of the terms of your freelance designer’s contract before they start working on your project. Consider the pros and cons of each freelance design payment method, and be clear about your expectations for the project.