Hostinger 2022 Review

Today, we will do a good and bad review of a renowned web hosting industry, Hostinger, their services in 2022, and their cheap plans

By Claudio Pires
Updated on November 2, 2022
Hostinger 2022 Review

In today’s competitive world, where every small and big business is starting to do business online, it is very important for a website owner to be ahead of his competition. And for that, you need to improve your website in every aspect. For example, your website should be ready for a robust marketing strategy and a strong rush of visitors. Hostinger can help you with that. Today, we will do a good and bad review of a renowned web hosting industry, Hostinger, its services in 2022, and its cheap plans.

Is Hostinger Worth It?

The Hostinger Review

Choosing a quality hosting service can be your big step to making your site perfect for your audience. Good web hosting makes your site accessible to more people and helps you get a better search engine ranking.

The aim of this post is to help you make the right decision while choosing a web host. Today, we will explore a renowned name in the hosting industry that has been around for over a decade and offers quality hosting services at a cheap price. For those who didn’t guess, we are talking about Hostinger.

Since it is one of the most well-accepted hosting platforms available right now, we thought we should throw light on its pros and cons for you. So with no more delay, let’s dive in.

Being one of the world’s largest and most popular hosting firms, Hostinger is committed to offering innovative hosting solutions. From Shared Hosting to Business Hosting to VPS hosting to domain registration, they have lined up a wide range of hosting solutions under the same roof. Hostinger came into existence in 2004 as a ‘Hosting media.’ And today, it hosts over 29 million domains in more than 179 countries.

Today, this company challenges many of its rivals on features such as an easy-to-use control panel, uptime, and customer support. However, like all hosting providers, Hostinger has good and bad points that we will review in the next section.

Its Significant Achievements So Far

Since the foundation, the provider has been on an epic ride. This Lithuania-based hosting company was started to offer people the freedom to express themselves online. However, to support the people for the same, it was necessary that they offer them a budget-friendly hosting solution. That’s why in 2007, the company came up with 000webhost – the first-ever free hosting service with no advertisement. Today, 000webhost is the world leader in free web hosting. The next year, the company came with first-class cPanel hosting named, Hosting24.

Speaking of their international expansion, in 2012, Hostinger started running their first-ever international office in Cyprus. Moreover, today, they have located their services in over 170 countries. And every day, they receive a large number of applications.

All Hosting Solutions Under the Same Roof

As we said above, Hostinger offers all the major hosting solutions under the same roof. Whether you’re a hobbyist blogger or a giant corporation, you will find it capable of fulfilling your hosting requirements.

Shared hosting is their entry-level hosting service that goes best with the demands of small businesses. Affordability is their unique selling point that most people get attracted to. Hostinger cheap shared hosting plans start at $1.99 monthly.

Talking about host business, this service is designed to host projects that demand a robust environment. People running eCommerce stores and resource-heavy sites that usually need isolated hosting environments may go for this service. The cost of its business hosting starts at $3.99 for a month.

Hostinger Review Services: These prices are for 48-month plans.

Prices Hostinger Hosting Plans
Prices Hostinger Hosting Plans

VPS Services

Speaking of VPS, it allows users to take full control of resources into their hands. If you are running a professional site and don’t want to compromise on speed, stability, and safety, you must consider using a VPS platform.

They have Linux-based virtual private servers that authorize dedicated server space, SSH root, and complete cloud infrastructure. It has 8 VPS plans. You can buy Hostinger basic hosting plans for a cheap price of $3.49 per month.

Hostinger Hosting Plans
Hostinger Hosting Plans

Fast Server Speed & Response Time

A good server speed and response time provide you with that all-important edge over your competition. Any website that is taking more than 3 seconds to load will lead to customer annoyance, ultimately, customers will leave your site and jump on your competitors.

On the contrary, a speedy user experience contributes to longer visit durations and repeat visits and ultimately improves your sales. Additionally, website loading speed is a key factor in the search engines’ ranking.

It has servers in all the prominent locations around the United States, Asia, and Europe(UK). And the good thing, they also use a 1000 Mbps connection. Needless to say, a fast connection like this one helps with speed.

To test their server’s speed personally, you may use the Bitcatcha tool, which is a popular tool that tests server response time. Here is the result we received:

Response Time
Response Time

Response Time The business plan comes with a built-in caching feature that improves site loading to some extent.

Hostinger Review is it Easy to Use

We want to begin with their signing-up process, which is pretty easy and standard. You need to choose the hosting service and plan you want, fill in the necessary information, and pick a domain (which you may get either from this company or outside).

So, If you are a novice and don’t want to rely on a website designer to make your site, you can use their website builder tool. This amazing drop-and-drag tool lets users create a professional website without having technical knowledge and coding knowledge.

It comes with a control panel that makes its services easier to use. However, if you are an advanced user, you may find it a little unusual. Talking about the control panel mimics the environment of Microsoft tiles, and you can easily find options along with a picture that offers a bit of insight about the option.

We have found a few niggles under the hood, but they are not deal breakers.

Missing Phone Support

Though they support all the major mediums to access their customer support, such as 24/7 live chat support, ticket support, and forum support, missing phone support may disappoint users who prefer assistance over the phone.

Final Words on a Hostinger Review

In conclusion, this is a solid web hosting provider that is constantly being recommended for small and medium-sized websites. In this Hostinger review, our experience has been excellent in server responsiveness, pricing, and customer support. The company has invested heavily to make its services safe, secure, and reliable, and like every platform, Hostinger has its good and bad points. Since they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, we see no loss in trying.

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