How Can Digital Marketers Use WordPress Effectively?

The goal of all digital marketers is to improve brand visibility & awareness, so learn how to use WordPress effectively to help on marketing

How is WordPress useful for digital marketing?

The main goal of all digital marketers is to improve brand visibility and brand awareness and achieve optimal conversion rates efficiently. To meet these goals, digital marketers should leverage various tools, including open-source content management systems, such as WordPress, to simplify website creation, content publishing, search engine optimization, market research and market intelligence, among many more marketing stages.

WordPress is an excellent option for business blogs for many reasons. However, whether you are a novice or an avid digital marketer, you should learn some tips to maximize WordPress’s effectiveness. Below are a few tips for maximizing WordPress functionality.

1. Use Responsive and Multi-Purpose Themes

With thousands of highly customizable themes on WordPress sites, choosing a suitable template and setting it up for your site can prove challenging, especially if you don’t know what you need. You should begin by narrowing your search to exclusively fully-responsive themes designed to work on devices with different display sizes.

Choosing a responsive theme is imperative, as studies show that more people currently access the internet using mobile devices than PCs. Apart from a responsive theme, you should choose a marketing theme that suits your niche. Some themes are best for creating website landing pages, while others suit blogs and portfolios. Niche-specific themes should have images, icons, and backgrounds relevant to the niche. As a result, the digital marketing strategy will look great in WordPress.

2. Choose the Right Plugins

The true functionality and power of content management systems, which include WordPress sites, rely on plugins and extensions. Unfortunately, with hundreds of WordPress plugins available, some of which are obsolete, choosing the right plugin library becomes daunting. You should extensively research and experiment to find the most suitable plugins and extensions for your site.

3. Digital Marketers Use WordPress Analytics to Guide Content Strategy Effectively

Analyzing your website traffic per page is a sure way of gathering reliable indicators about the type of content search engines and website visitors alike. Similarly, comparing results of initial website traffic based on the posting time can guide your content strategy. Identifying posting time with traffic surges helps you determine the best times and days of the week to post new content.

Having a clear content strategy is essential for those who want to improve site conversion rates by targeting a specific audience. However, achieving this requires that you familiarize yourself with the WordPress site’s best analytics solutions.

4. Create Minimalistic Websites

Most people presume that complicated websites perform better than minimalistic sites. However, this isn’t true. Website developers can easily go overboard with navigation menus, widgets, animations, and share buttons, during site creation, thanks to WordPress’s vast plugin library and theme flexibility.

Surprisingly, simple and minimalistic website designs perform better than complicated sites. Site visitors prefer modern and straightforward designs to websites with cluttered page elements. This explains why the best-performing landing pages only have an elegant background, an opt-in form, and a sales copy.

Keeping your website page templates to the minimum mitigates the risks of overloading site visitors. Minimalistic sites also make it easy to conduct landing pages cross analysis and their template variations because it involves replacing and tweaking only a few site elements.

5. Digital Marketers Use WordPress to Keep and Update the Brand

The beauty of WordPress is that anyone can use it. If you manage a website for your clients, you can easily add them as users to make changes to their content or post relevant company updates.

The platform is easy to understand and you can post new content or make updates without any coding knowledge.

Additionally, you can automate plugin and theme updates to ensure your website is up-to-date and well protected from attacks. Finally, your digital marketing website will be safe in WordPress.

6. Support Blogging

WordPress started out as a blogging platform, which means content marketing is one of its biggest strengths. Your digital marketing strategy is incomplete without a solid content marketing plan.

WordPress is one of the best free blogging sites that allows you to create an amazing blog site and update your posts as often as you want. Regularly updating your blog content can not only increase the relevance of your website, but it can also improve your search engine rankings.

Endnote For Digital Marketers Use WordPress

While the above tips are universally effective for WordPress sites, the digital landscape evolves continually with the introduction of new themes and plugins. Therefore, to remain competitive, digital marketers should keep tabs on the latest developments and trends in the industry.