How Can Graphic Designers Work With Digital Marketplaces: MasterBundles Case

Learn how can graphic designers work with digital marketplaces to sell products & items with the MasterBundles platform case study

Updated on January 10, 2023
How Can Graphic Designers Work With Digital Marketplaces: MasterBundles Case

Graphic designers deal with creating new digital products that wow viewers. They constantly learn and know it takes time and effort to make something worthy. Thus, many materials occur when training. But what if we say that it is possible to prolong the lives of digital items and keep earning money for them? Come to see a trusted and reliable graphic design marketplace. We will show you how to start and arrange your work with MasterBundles. Keep on reading! Learn how can graphic designers work with digital marketplaces to sell products with the MasterBundles platform case study.

What is a graphic design marketplace?

All graphic designers can use digital marketplaces to place their artworks and various templates and get some percent out of every purchase. In addition, such platforms provide an excellent opportunity to showcase their samples. Thus, it helps potential customers see the artworks and buy them at a reasonable price.

As a side effect, they increase designers’ visibility and help them to reach more potential clients. Then, the platform takes care of promotion, uses its channels, and may include your products in an email newsletter. 

Master Bundles Case Graphic Designers Digital Marketplaces

How Graphic Designers Can Work With Digital Marketplaces_ MasterBundles Case Sell Digital products Marketplaces

With its easy-to-use system, excellent customer service, and extensive marketing capabilities, MasterBundles is quickly becoming the go-to source for graphic designers. Its unique system allows graphic designers to place exclusive items or bundles of digital products and offer them up for sale at pre-set prices. In addition, it accepts various illustrations, templates, fonts, logos, literally everything. 

What is the benefit of a graphic designers digital marketplaces?

The designer earns a 50% commission on the original sale with each purchase. It makes it possible to build up a consistent stream of passive income with only minimal effort on the part of the designer. “I was wondering if the commission is not very high,” Michael, a web designer, shares his thoughts, “but I found out that some other platforms ask for up to 70% per sale, so it requires some research. I am a student and will upload my samples to MasterBundles.”

How do people get started?

How Graphic Designers Can Work With Digital Marketplaces_ Master Bundles Case

To do it, come to the form to sell your graphic design. Follow all the guidelines you see on the screen. You can add any materials, from fonts to images to templates, set your desired price, and describe them with relevant information. Make sure it looks catchy to sell on graphic designers digital marketplaces.

Then, editors will check the quality of your digital asset and the correctness of the form. Moderators accept the sample within a few days if everything is at the proper level. 

Key advantages and disadvantages of the marketplace

The main advantages of using MasterBundles platform case as a seller include the following:

  • Sell Your Deal. You can easily sell your graphic design by filling out the form, which simplifies your whole experience and makes uploading new products more efficient. 
  • Moderation. The process is quick and you always get support from the crew to fix any problems. 
  • Set your own prices. MasterBundles does give recommendations but the final word is up to you. 
  • Vendor account. It’s convenient, intuitive, and clear graphic designers digital marketplaces.
  • Money withdrawal. A hassle-free process with several options for money withdrawal, you get to choose the best one for you.
  • Team support. You can contact them 24/7 with any questions you have. 
  • Promotion. Get help from MasterBundles, they will mail you many materials all about promotions. 
  • Loyal commission. While 50% does seem like a lot, it’s a very great deal compared to other marketplaces that have a commission of 70%+. 

Of course, there are some disadvantages to be aware of before starting to sell on MasterBundles: 

  • Moderation. Rarely, but there are times when a product does not pass the quality check. 
  • Commission. The commission from sales may be perceived as quite high for the new sellers, however, it’s considered to be quite competitive in the creative marketplace market.
  • Money withdrawal. If you have less than $50 in your account, you won’t be able to withdraw money.
  • Competition. There is a lot of it, you can think of it as a motivator to produce better and more unique products.

What if there are fixes to add?

Timing is critical, and moderators do their best to notify you as soon as possible. If your digital pieces require extra work to raise their quality, you will know about it soon. It allows them to make any necessary adjustments and upload a new version of graphic designers digital marketplaces.

This approach increases their mutual profits or reaches a larger audience. It makes it easier for the designer to set out in front of potential customers and drives more sales. 

Additionally, MasterBundles platform case will handle all customer service inquiries and provide detailed reports on total sales and commissions earned. Indeed, a designer obtains one of the best support teams ever!

How to stand out in the competition?

It is reasonable to consider it ahead of time! However, all you have to do is to create an excellent sample and follow the rules to complete its description. For extra convenience, MasterBundles also provides analytics for clients to see the vendor rating. It is based on the quality index, awards, and the number of items on the marketplace. 

How Graphic Designers Can Work With Digital Marketplaces_ MasterBundles Case

Rating triggers customers to choose the best options among multiple competitors based on customer reviews, ratings, and other factors. As a result, it allows clients to make a more informed decision and select the best service or product that fits their needs. 

Is there any affiliate program on graphic designers digital marketplaces? MasterBundles case

How Graphic Designers Can Work With Digital Marketplaces_ MasterBundles Case

Yes! Affiliate programs are an excellent way for companies to increase their customer base and expand their reach. Thus, we invite you to become a MasterBundles platform case affiliate, as it suggests a 15% commission on every purchase done with your unique link used. It is an option for people who use communication channels to promote the special links they get sell digital products in marketplaces.

One small tip, when someone with your link comes and takes a freebie and some premium product with a price, you still get the commissions. There are cookies to thank. 

Rules to cooperate with marketplaces

Some rules and regulations must be followed when working with a graphic design marketplace. Firstly, it could include not infringing on copyright or trademark laws, not using offensive language in your work, or not submitting any plagiarized content. 

Second, it’s also essential to be aware of the payment policies and procedures offered by the platform you’re using. For example, check how often payments are processed or what payment methods are accepted.

Third, it is essential to be familiar with the customer service policies of the platform you’re using, such as how quickly they respond to inquiries and how helpful their responses are to sell digital products in marketplaces.

MasterBundles Case Conclusion

With this information, you can finally decide to create a good stream of passive income in no time, forget worrying about money and focus on what you love doing – creating beautiful designs! Check out MasterBundles platform case and see how easy it is to make money while still pursuing your passion. Good luck!