How Can Online Marketing Benefit My Landscaping Company?

Know how online marketing can benefit your landscaping company; Establishing a fully functional landscaping business is a huge accomplishment

How Can Online Marketing Benefit My Landscaping Company?

Establishing a fully functional landscaping business is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. Know how online marketing can benefit your landscaping company. However, landscaping businesses can be highly profitable ventures if the correct management tactics are applied. Successful marketing is one of them. How businesses approach this is as varied as each business is unique, but some of the main tactics that companies use are lawn signs, door-to-door marketing, flyers, car wrapping, social media marketing, online marketing with the use of a company website, billboards, radio broadcasts, and referral programs – to name a few. While all of these are feasible, online marketing is perhaps the most important.

How Can Online Marketing Benefit My Landscaping Company?

Online or digital marketing refers to the art and science of promoting and selling your services over the internet. It comprises various digital and electronic means to pass your marketing messages to your audience. These include social media posts, email newsletters, website landing pages with calls to action, and pay-per-click advertising.

Bearing this in mind, read on to identify the major advantages of marketing your landscaping business online:

1 – 24/7 lead generation

With a website, your marketing message is available around the clock. This way, you cater to all visitors regardless of what time they access the internet. It’s unlike traditional advertising channels, such as car wrapping, which display your message only when you’re on the road.

More so, if you’re using landscaping business software, such as Jobber, it can be integrated with your site allowing customers to request job estimates, schedule appointments with you, and send queries at any time. Smart software like this then notifies you immediately, so you can respond quickly, thus increasing your chances of converting them to a sale. So, this type of software also acts as a CRM and will organize all customer data and communications for you. Research carefully which software option is best for your business and discovers how much technology can streamline your operations and increase productivity.

2 – Allows you to reach customers at the start of the buying process

Currently, people tend to go online to search for the best deals on goods and services. According to a recent study, 55% of consumers search for a product on Google and then go to YouTube to learn more about it before making the purchase. Furthermore, 63% of all shopping journeys begin on the internet.

For this reason, marketing your landscaping business online ensures you reach potential clients at the very start of their buying journey. All you need is to convince them that your services are high-quality and your prices are fair. Include a gallery that shows before and after photos of jobs you’ve completed.

Price-wise – this is an entirely different aspect of the business that you must get right from the start; otherwise, all the time and effort you put into placing yourself in front of your audience will turn out to be futile. Master best practices when pricing your services and coming up with reasonable rates to charge for each and every service you offer.

3 – A landscaping company is cost-effective

Most landscaping businesses are categorized into small; and medium-sized businesses. As such, they may not have the cash to run TV or radio ads. These are usually reserved for larger companies because of the high cost.

Online marketing comes in handy if you want to save money. For instance, you can set up free social media pages and focus on organic traffic. What’s more, you can set up paid advertising digital campaigns with even a small budget and measure how effective they are. After specifying how much money you intend to spend, the ad networks will tell you the approximate number of people you’ll reach with your campaign. This is indeed a cost-effective marketing approach if you are able to convert sales as a result. However, don’t be discouraged if you have to do a little trial; and error to learn what works and what doesn’t.

4 – Measurability of the landscaping company

So, another benefit of online marketing is the ability to track the results of every campaign you launch. Most online advertising channels have comprehensive analysis methodologies that can clearly picture your marketing message’s success. For example, you can track clicks, impressions, shares, comments, likes, conversions, and other metrics. These are excellent measures of success.

Compare this to traditional marketing strategies, like billboards and flyers. It’s often difficult to know how many people viewed your message or calculate the volume of sales resulting from that particular advertisement.

5 – Better targeting

It’s critical to target the right customers when advertising. This achieves through effective segmentation. Essentially, you divide the population into different groups using criteria like age, taste, location, occupation, hobbies, and gender. Such an approach enables your landscaping company to correctly allocate your advertising budget and minimize wastage of funds.

For instance, your primary target may be homeowners who desire to beautify their outdoor space. Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms can study web user behavior and present your ads to this target group.

6 – Build landscaping company credibility

Presently, customers expect your landscape business to have an online presence. If they can’t easily find information about your brand online, they’ll have reservations about doing business with you.

The moment a homeowner wants their yard beautified, they’ll search online for local landscapers they can hire. This is usually done to compare prices, services offered; and feedback from past customers. If you’re not in this space, you’ll miss being considered for the job; and your competitors will consistently win jobs over you.


Online marketing for your landscaping company is more of a necessity than a luxury. So, since such a large portion of your audience hangs out on the web, it makes sense for you to too. You’ll reach millions of prospects with just a single campaign. And this comes at a relatively cheaper budget compared to other marketing strategies. Therefore, start looking into online advertising with the seriousness it deserves.