How Can You Benefit from Khan Academy as a Student?

As a parent, teacher, or student, useful tools is help success. Khan Academy provides lessons suitable for all grade and can benefit student

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
How Can You Benefit from Khan Academy as a Student?

Educational tools are all around the web. The only thing is, most of them come with a fee, some hefty and some not really worth it. As a parent, teacher, or student, finding affordable and useful educational tools is helpful to a student’s success. Khan Academy provides lessons suitable for all grade levels and can benefit students.

What Is Khan Academy?

How Can You Benefit from Khan Academy as a Student

In 2006, the founder of Khan Academy, Sal Khan, tutored a relative in mathematics over the web. Using the tools that were available to him at the time, he was able to draw out problems and show the solutions step by step, something revolutionary for its time. Noticing a lack of free educational tools, Khan set off on a mission to bring students worldwide the chance to learn. That’s when Kahn Academy broke ground, catching the attention of Google, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates over the years.

Student Benefits

So, how can you as a student benefit from using Khan Academy? Let’s find it out.

1. Worldwide Access

Perhaps the best thing that comes from using an online learning platform is accessibility. Finding courses from world-class paper writers that can help with your essay, mathematical wizards that always get the right answer, wizard term paper writer, and history buffs is possible at Khan. If you’re a traveler or like to take your learning on the go and get out of the house, Khan is perfect; take advantage of emerging technologies transporting from here to there and everywhere, as long as you have a screen.

2. Learn Anything: Khan Academy Benefit

Perhaps the best thing about Khan Academy is the content. There are lessons in math, science, history, literature, and so much more. Most of these subjects are separated by level and come with progressive milestones. For example, if students want extra practice with math, they can select their topic and grade. Then, following along the video lectures, they can test their new knowledge with exams, tests, and small quizzes along the way. Later, they can select the next course to come, continuing their learning and taking their skills up a notch.

3. Set Their Own Pace

Khan academy is not a substitute for attending class. Instead, it is a supplement, going along with subjects taught in schools. That means that students will still need to go to class every day and attend their extra-curricular afterward. Then comes homework, dinner, and maybe some free time for TV. Students are busy and don’t have much time to study more than they already have. However, with online learning, students can log in and learn at their own convenience. They are the ones that choose their pace, logging in and learning for 15, 20, or 45 minutes at a time. Plus, if they have a test coming up, they can dedicate more time to their subject, attempting to get as prepared as possible. There is even the possibility to hit the road and keep their learning fresh. Who wouldn’t want to study and travel?

4. Enhance Their Skills: Khan Academy Benefit

Another great thing about self-paced courses like those at Khan Academy is that it provides students a chance to take their learning up a notch. The more students practice and learn about a topic, the better they will become with it, solve more complicated problems, and learn more advanced content. With Khan, all subjects have different levels, throwing in challenges with everyone. The goal is to provide students with more information than they may be getting in the classroom, helping them keep up with the learning trends and go above and beyond others in their class.

For example, one of the most tedious subjects for students in math. It can be not very clear to keep all the numbers straight and remember how and when to use specific equations. At Khan, students have lessons and video lectures, and corresponding tests and quizzes help them take their skills up a notch. Learners can follow along as instructors solve a problem and ask questions or comment on any concerns they may have along the way.

5. Take Practice Exams

Another great thing about Khan Academy is the practice exams. One of the most popular practice exams or preparations on the website is the SAT. SAT is a standardized test that can make or break students’ dreams of getting to their preferred universities. Khan has mastered the art of helping students prepare for the test, putting together useful and helpful material. Besides, there are other preparations and practice exams to use for other topics, like math, science, and history. Through practice exams, students can study before their big exams and even work out any nerves that they may have.

6. Content Is Just Right: Khan Academy Benefit

Sitting in a class for hours is boring. Therefore, students need something that can get them excited to learn. Short video lectures are perfect for learning and don’t drag on like some classes. For example, many videos are only a few minutes long, introducing a topic within a field. That means that students can click on videos, watch them, and keep on going if they feel like it. Most professors use visual tools, drawing or writing things out to have a better idea and understanding. The last thing students of today want are long and drawn-out lectures, needing something fun and different from what they see in the classroom every day.

Education Is the Best Investment

If there is one thing that always benefits someone, it’s education. The more we learn, the more prepared we are for any and everything. In today’s market, competition is fierce on the job front, and students need all the help they can get. To get some extra learning, tutoring, or tame curiosity, Khan Academy is perfect. It’s free, accessible, and fun, only taking students to log in and get ready to learn.

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