How Can You Find The Email Of A Website Owner

Know how can you find the email of a website owner; If you have sales or business partnership suggestions, an honest and personalized email

How Can You Find The Email Of A Website Owner

Know how can you find the email of a website owner; If you have sales or business partnership suggestions, an honest and personalized email is one of the most effective ways to get them. But no matter how innovative your intentions are, you won’t get anywhere without first knowing their email address.

How Can You Find The Email Of A Website Owner

Email addresses are a valuable resource in the business world. However, email marketing is also prone to abuse, especially for businesses and individuals who offer little value. Because business owners and professionals find their inboxes bombarded with emails daily, they are understandably protective of their email addresses.

When you have a business or content idea that you think will work, you need to reach out to website owners directly. Fortunately, you can use legal and ethical methods to find website owners’ verified email addresses. This article will discuss these approaches in more detail.

1 – Use

Who. is a free internet tool that checks on which domain names are taken and available. If a domain name is taken, Who. is will show details on people owning the domain. This feature allows users to retrieve key information on websites such as the domain name, the registrar, the administrative contact, the technical contact, and, more importantly, email addresses.

Shown above are the details for Build-A-Bear, a custom teddy bear maker based in Saint Louis. You can get the same details by following these steps:

Go to the company’s website you want to send an email to, then copy their website domain’s URL into Whois’ domain searcher and click on “Search.” If the website exists, the domain name should be taken and shown as “is unavailable.” From there, click on “Whois.” Once you’ve done that, Whois will bring you useful information about the website. You can use this data to reach out to the website owner.

However, won’t always give you the website owner’s email address. For example, the example above gives you the email address of Build-A-Bear’s director for enterprise systems. Therefore, if you want more relevant information, you need to use more focused methods. Moreover, it is also better to verify that the email address belongs to the right person using a specific email lookup tool before contacting them.

2 – Check their about us page to find the email of a website owner

The About Us page of a website usually contains information such as the company’s history, the founders’ bio, and some information about the team. The About Us page links to relevant social pages of these key persons, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or their personal blog.

How Can You Find The Email Of A Website Owner
Check their about us page to find the email of a website owner How Can You Find The Email Of A Website Owner

Go to the About Us page of the website you want to tap, and identify key personnel. So, for example, if you want to offer your service as a video editing agency, you may want to tap the vice-president for marketing or any marketing staff. If you want to propose a partnership, you may want to tap the CEO or any business development personnel.

So, if you can’t find contact information on the About page, at least you’d already know the names of key personnel. You can run this information through email lookup tools to find verified email addresses. You can then create your own database of contacts in Excel and use mail merge to automate your personalized emails based on this data. This process is quite fast and more efficient as well.

I don’t advise heading to the Contact Us page if you want your message read right away. The messages you leave on Contact Us pages go with hundreds of other messages to a centralized inbox. This inbox is usually reserved for customer queries and is cluttered with customer concerns, which reduces the chances of your email reaching the person you need to reach.

3 – Look at their social media

Companies may create social media pages for their content marketing efforts. You can use this to your advantage since companies may have their virtual business phone line and other contact information on their social media. There’s a good chance that you’ll find the website owner’s email address on the company’s social media.

Here are some tips:

  • Look through the company’s Facebook page. A company’s Facebook page has an about section that may contain the professional email addresses of some key personnel. Influencers may even put their business email in the bio of their Instagram account.
  • Look at the YouTube account of the business. Head to the About section of the YouTube channel. Under the details section, you’ll see the business email provided by the YouTube channel. You’ll need to pass a captcha, though.

Depending on the size of the business, even directly messaging the company’s social media may immediately reach the person you’re trying to reach. So just kindly ask for them.

4 – Use a Search Engine to find the email of a website owner

There is a useful Google tip you can utilize to quickly find a website owner’s email. Using this Google tip will allow you to limit your search result within the website’s domain. This will allow you to quickly search for any emails in that domain, assuming you know the company’s email provider (i.e., Gmail, Yahoo)

Here’s how you can do that:

Using the Basic Google Search bar

Add “” to your search query.

So if you’re searching for an email, you can input in “” to fetch results for “” within

Using the Advanced Search

On Google’s homepage, click on “Settings” at the lower right of the screen. Then, in the drop-down that appears, select “Advanced Search.” And you’ll then bring you to a more complex search function.

In the advanced search, fill in the “this exact word or phrase” field with “,” “,”,” etc.

Scroll down to the “Then narrow your results by…” section and fill in the “site or domain” field. So, copy the URL of the website you want to reach out to and paste it into this field. This will limit the search results to the domain you’ve input.

If the website you’re tapping runs a blog, you may fetch many results, mainly if they blog about email marketing, mailing list, social networks, cold emailing, etc. So it may take some navigating through the SERP before you find the website owner’s email.

5 – Check their LinkedIn profile to find the email of a website owner

How to find the email of a website owner via the email finder Chrome extension?

Finding email addresses of users from LinkedIn is quite easy, thanks to the GetProspect service. This is a Chrome extension that allows you to get email addresses from Linkedin in bulk in a few simple steps:

Step 1. Install the GetProspect Chrome extension in the Chrome web store

Install GetProspect Chrome extension web store Website Owner Email

Step 2. After registration, go to your LinkedIn account using the Chrome browser. Find the accounts you need based on your specific search criteria. You’ll find check boxes next to people’s profiles in your LinkedIn search.

registration, LinkedIn account using the Chrome browser Website Owner Email

Step 3. Once you have selected the profiles you need, click “Save Leads” or select a few pages with search results and click “Start” to download them to your account – and that’s it!

Save Leads

Create an organized system of contact lists, import and export the data you need, and use a convenient CRM system right in the app – all thanks to GetProspect. If you have any doubts about the functionality, use the trial version of the service and find your first 50 emails right now.

Extra Tips

LinkedIn is the networking social media of the business world. This is where professionals share achievements and find other professionals to work with. So if you’re going to be finding emails, it would probably be through LinkedIn, considering that people on there want to be seen and contacted.

When searching for the company on LinkedIn, you may find immediate results on their employees. On the company profile search results, look for positions such as IT specialist, web developer, digital marketer, or CEO through the list of employees. These positions would likely be the website owners.

Alternatively, you can visit the company’s LinkedIn profile and click “People” to find out who’s working there:

Once you find the person you want to reach, visit their profile and click on “Contact info”:

This method is somewhat limited because only a few LinkedIn users list their email addresses on their profiles. However, you may use LinkedIn messaging to reach them on the platform or use an email lookup tool to send them an email.

In Closing

Building and nurturing business relationships is key to growing in your industry. One of the most critical skills in surviving the corporate world is forming relationships with other businesses. But before you can initiate a conversation, you must first know these people’s email addresses. A solid tip to follow is to tap the website owner since they’re likely the organization’s founder.

There are some ways you can find a website owner’s email address. Use to see the email address of the registrar.

Check the company’s About page. The founders’ bio will likely be complete with profile and contact details. Next, check the company’s social media pages, particularly Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Next, use some advanced search engine techniques to sniff out a contact email address in the domain you’re looking for. Finally, you can always try LinkedIn.

Follow these tips, and you’ll have more successful searches on people’s emails.

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Nico is the founder of Crunch Marketing. The company works with enterprise SaaS clients, helping them scale lead generation globally across EMEA, APAC, and other regions.