How Do I Make My WordPress Site Static?

Previously, sites were created only by writing code in a text editor. We'll review how to make a static WordPress website and it's benefits

How Do I Make My WordPress Site Static?

Previously, sites were created only by writing code in a text editor, which complicated the process and created difficulties when making changes to the site. WordPress static site generator from FLATsite offers a solution to this problem by allowing you to create WordPress static pages from the HTML static site generator. A pre-generated static site will outperform caching plugins: all users around the world will open your site as if it was just “around the corner.” In this article, we’ll review how to make a static WordPress website.

How Do I Make My WordPress Site Static?

What Is a Static Site Generator?

FLATsite is a drag and drop static site generator and static page builder. So, a tool that generates secure, high-quality responsive WordPress sites. A static site generator is a software tool that turns text posts (with or without markup) into static HTML pages. All tools of this kind work in about the same way. Content is taken, “glued” to a template, and then sent to the hosting server.

Most of the sites that exist on the Internet today are dynamically present. It means that instead of storing all of their content in HTML stored on the server. In addition, they pull the content from the database and create pages to serve them on the fly.

Using the static website builder, you will be able to create static pages to post company. Or employee data, contacts, shipping or payment methods, driving directions, etc.

Using WordPress static site generator, you can:

  • Firstly, create pages, add and edit text
  • Secondly, post videos and photos in a given part of the site
  • Finally, customize video playback

As you can see, WordPress has become the preferred choice for most CMS users for a reason. This is the easiest and fastest way to get online access to your blog or business project. Moreover, thanks to the services of FLATsite, namely, its versatility, ease of setup, and operation. Users will be able to create and manage their sites without any knowledge of coding.

What is a static WordPress site?

A static website includes web surfaces with fixed content. It displays the same information to every visitor. For example, your homepage is a static page with a defined layout that can introduce visitors to your business and the services you provide.

Static and dynamic websites

Unlike static websites, dynamic websites can display different content based on the visitor, the time of day, or the visitor’s native language. A blog is a dynamic website because other content is displayed when a new blog post is published.

Static website example: We found some examples to help you learn more about static websites. You might even get some design ideas. Check out Under Armour’s “About Us” page. It highlights the company’s values ​​and what makes them different from its competitors.