How Does AWS Work Infographic

Not everyone knows how Amazon web services work or what makes it special. That’s what we’re here to explain. The AWS in an infographic

Amazon Web Services gets more and more talk each year. There is a frequent buzz about AWS. Let it be partnering up with GoDaddy or securing a deal with the CIA. Still, not everyone knows how Amazon web services work or what makes it special. That’s what we’re here to explain.

AWS is a cloud computing service. What this means is they rent you their server resources. Instead of purchasing an on-site server for your business, you can pay Amazon web services to use their servers for storage, computing power, database management, or anything else you need. The question is if you can own your own server, why would you need to rent out server resources? There are a few reasons why.

The first is the price. Purchasing a device of your own is expensive. Unless you want to maintain the server yourself, you need to hire an IT specialist, which is another expense.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


AWS has huge datacenters, which minimizes the cost of maintenance. Also, their experts handle all the maintenance. You pay for what you use, so you don’t have to worry about resources going to waste. You also have no contract with AWS so you don’t stand to lose any money if the services don’t work out for you.

With more than 4000 ransomware attacks happening daily and the minimum amount requested for giving back the stolen data after every attack being $1077 on average, security and reliability in the host is the one most important thing for every online business. According to the data presented in the AWS Web Hosting graphic, AWS has over 55 availability zones within 18 geographic regions. This means they have at least 55 operational data centers.

Your data is stored across various locations. Even if there’s a breach in one location, your data will be safe. It would be difficult to achieve this with your own servers. You can also dynamically grow or shrink resources. This means you’ll never face the problem of overspending on resources or not having enough resources when you need them.

These are the advantages of Amazon web services has. Unless you own a huge company that can maintain its own datacenter, AWS is probably the best option for you. To learn more about AWS, check out this insightful infographic.

How Does AWS Work Infographic