How MSPs Can Unlock Growth With Virtual Events?

Strategies on how MSPs Managed Service Providers can unlock growth with virtual events, using technology advancements & changing work culture

By Claudio Pires
Updated on November 23, 2023
How MSPs Can Unlock Growth With Virtual Events?

Technology advancements and changing work culture have made virtual events popular among businesses. Chances are that you have found yourself attending a zoom meeting, webinar, or even an online conference in the past year or so. Learn the best strategies on how MSPs (Managed Service Providers) can unlock growth with virtual events.

This shows that businesses have been forced to change how they interact and connect with vendors, partners, clients, and colleagues. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed them even further after restrictions were enforced in most countries.

However, not all businesses have the technical knowledge and budget to host virtual events on their own. This is where MSPs (Managed Service Providers) come in. 

Here is how MSPs can unlock growth with virtual events;

They Provide the Needed Expertise: MSPs tp Unlock Growth With Virtual Events

Technology changes every time. When this happens, your business might find itself with problems that cannot be solved by your existing team. In addition, you need a lot of resources to manage your systems, whether on-premise or the cloud, to host a virtual event.

You might decide to solve these problems through recruitment. Do not forget the challenges of recruiting in the digital age and the ongoing shortage of talented IT personnel. Instead of facing all these problems, why not work with an MSP?

MSPs have all the expertise that you need. They will help you host successful virtual events using the latest technologies. Your staff will keep handling other core businesses while an MSP handles your virtual event and its requirements to unlock growth using virtual events and MSPs (Managed Service Providers).

Provides Instant Insights

There are many ways of getting feedback from your customers. If you host a physical event, for instance, how easy or difficult do you think it would be for you to ask attendees for feedback? This is something you will not have to deal with if you host a virtual event.

A webinar, for instance, allows businesses to ask for feedback from their attendees and make them feel valued. However, this is not easy for most businesses, not unless they are IT firms that use the best go-to guides for IT webinars.

Fortunately, working with MSPs allows businesses to get real-time and specific feedback from their attendees. MSPs have the needed resources to create surveys and even record sessions for later review. This unlocks growth in businesses with the use of MSPs and virtual events.

Helps Businesses Expand Their Reach

Different businesses host virtual events for different reasons. While some might do so to engage with their customers, others host virtual events to attract new business leads. Most businesses are looking at achieving both with their virtual events.

However, some businesses, especially small ones, do not have enough resources. They cannot organize, plan, and host a global virtual event that reaches every potential customer, no matter where they are in the world.

MSPs, on the other hand, have all the resources that your business might need. If you want to host a virtual event for one hundred thousand people, they can scale their resources for that. This way, you will easily expand your global reach and spend fewer resources at the same time.

Helps Businesses Elevate Their Brand: MSPs tp Unlock Growth With Virtual Events

When hosting a virtual event, you should make sure that you have done everything right. Imagine hosting a virtual event with potential clients but then something happens and the video or audio does not work.

This could be something caused by your lack of expertise or enough resources to host a meaningful virtual event. If something like that happens, your chances of attracting those clients will diminish.

However, working with an MSP provides you with an opportunity for you to elevate your brand. Such mistakes will not happen and you get a chance to show your potential clients what your business has to offer MSPs to unlock growth by digital and virtual events.

Allow Businesses to Focus on Critical Objectives

Your growing business means that you want to interact with your customers more. It also means that you need to attract new customers to keep it growing. One of the best ways of doing this is through virtual events.

Planning a virtual event is not easy. You might assign responsibilities to your team to plan everything and make sure that the virtual event is successful. However, doing this means that they have to stop handling other tasks that keep your business running.

Fortunately, you do not have to worry about this when you can work with MSPs and let them handle everything for you. With their expertise, they understand your virtual event requirements and will ensure that it is successful. This way, your staff can focus on other critical objectives.

Managed Service Providers have all the resources that you need to host successful virtual events. You can use them to unlock growth in your business via virtual events.

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