This year has been tricky for all of us. Save for a few select industries that benefited from the pandemic — i.e. health products and entertainment — everyone else is scrambling to adapt and thrive, or at least keep their heads above water. In this article, we’ll share how new brands can protect their digital reputation during a pandemic.

Still, the COVID-19 crisis presents us with opportunities that may not be available for at least another decade when all of this is over. Many of the world’s most iconic companies started during a recession after all. With that said, it can be claimed that today is as good a time as any to start a business and build a brand.

How New Brands Can Protect Their Digital Reputation During A Pandemic

Thriving During COVID-19

Having a solid digital marketing strategy is crucial these days. With stay-at-home orders and widespread lockdowns taking place all over the globe, people are consuming more digital media than ever. Suddenly, traditional media like magazines, billboards, and posters aren’t getting the viewership they used to.

The thing with online marketing is that it levels the playing field for everyone. Small businesses that can’t afford to buy placements in billboards and buses are given more or less the same online platforms as larger brands. So, this gives them the opportunity to disrupt the market even with more modest resources.

And at the core of every digital marketing strategy is your digital reputation. Every single piece of marketing you do – every social media photo, blog post, and email – should contribute towards building a good digital reputation.

The success of your business relies on how your customers perceive your brand. So how, exactly, can you protect your digital reputation as new business during a pandemic?

How To Protect Brands Digital Reputation In A Pandemic

1 Promptly update your listings.

A pandemic usually brings shorter business hours and unexpected lockdowns. Some countries even implement business curfews to discourage people from going outside their homes.

As a customer, the last thing I want to experience is making the long drive to a shop, only to find out that it closed early because of limited operations. As a company, that’s a really easy way to lose customers.

If you’re a new business, see to it that your online listings are always updated. Make sure the hours displayed on your socials, Google business page, and website are accurate. If you have a limited menu because of supply chain issues, announce it online so you can avoid disappointing and inconveniencing customers.

Failing to do so could make your brand seem lazy and unreliable. And the only way to build a good digital reputation is to foster trust among your clientele.

2 Publish informative content. – viral

You can take control of the online narrative by posting hyper-relevant, informative content. If you can find a way to relate your products and services to the struggles entailed by the pandemic, even better.

What’s more, taking the time to craft educational posts is a great way to have a chance at going viral. How many albums and infographics containing safety announcements and health tips have you seen on social media lately? Chances are, there’s plenty. At the end of the day, relevant content is more likely to be among family, friends, and colleagues.

3 Look after your staff to protect brands digital reputation on pandemic

It’s important to look after your staff during tough times like this. You’ve probably heard of horror stories about staff report to hazardous workplaces and being retrenchment if they don’t comply. Usually, these fiascos end up with consumers calling for a boycott of the offending company.

The Bottom Line

Building a business during a pandemic is tough. But if you do it right, you’ll be able to take advantage of unique market conditions and disrupt the industry you’re in. The tips highlighted above will help you build and protect your digital reputation. Finally, in today’s digital climate, how you present your brand online could make or break your business’s success.

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