How Psychology Helps You to Make a Logo

Every company understands the importance of a good logo design. In this article, we'll learn how psychology helps you to make a logo.

Updated on July 25, 2022
How Psychology Helps You to Make a Logo

Every company understands the importance of a good logo design. The term is the source of their brand identity allows people to distinguish them from others. This is the primary reason why businesses emphasize heavily on their logos. It helps to build their reputation and provide strong recognition among the targeted audience. In this article, we’ll learn how psychology helps you to make a logo.

How Psychology Helps You to Make a Logo

Being a designer, you need to understand the psychology of customers before designing any brand logo. It simplifies your decision-making in choosing shapes, colors, and other attributes required for a logo.

By understanding the psychology, you can know what type of logos will suit best for the brands. Especially if you are designing a logo for a company that provides coworking spaces, you must understand their business theme properly.

In this article, we will take a detailed look into the psychology of logo design. We will describe the essential things involved in a logo design, specifically related to a coworking space company. 

First, let’s talk about the basics of a coworking space, as that will allow us to know how to design its logo with moral psychology. 

The coworking space model is unique because it allows people to share a single length of work at different time intervals. It can also be termed as a collaboration between other people to share office space for working. 

The company that manages coworking spaces offers specific membership plans to avail the facility. This means that only registered members can share office space as per the given timing schedule. The philosophy behind this working idea is to bring people together. It helps them to know about each other and build better relationships while working in the same environment. 

When people from different fields and companies share a working space mutually, they get to know about each other’s working models. It enhances their ideas on how to collaborate to solve different types of problems.

Talking about the availability of spaces, all of these are by looking at the working schedules of members. It helps to organize rooms for everyone accordingly without disturbing or overloading their operational plans.  

Being a designer, you must understand the business model of every company before designing its logo. It provides excellent assistance in knowing about how the business works and what makes it different from others. 

Here are some of the best tips that can help you know about the detailed psychology involved in the logo designing of a coworking space.

Psychology of Shapes

The psychology of shapes matters a lot in logo designing. It is the first thing that comes into the mind of designers, especially when they are creating a coworking space logo. By the nature of this business, you could anticipate that a square shape could be in use for a coworking space logo. It would give a better indication of a shared office, letting everyone know about a company’s business model.

However, as a designer, it is also essential for you to know about the psychological meaning of other shapes in logos. Generally, it falls into three major categories that define geometric, abstract, and organic. 

The geometric shapes include all the conventional figures we have studied in mathematics. The combination of square, circle, and rectangle are the most used shapes in geometric. They prefer more for the logo designs more due to their direct relevance in meaning. 

Abstract Shapes

The abstract category includes those precise shapes that are in use to demonstrate some specific things. For instance, shapes like hearts, stars, and more can list in the abstract category. These symbols showcase special meanings that is why they can be preferred in unique logo designing cases. Generally, they do not like creating any coworking space logo due to their lesser relevance with it.

Many times, designers prefer to go with unorthodox creative shapes for designing logos. The example of NBA logos is quite relevant in this regard. It is one of those logos that is designed creatively knowing the exact gameplay style of basketball. These types of figures are called organic shapes. They are not limited to any premade shape but are always wide open to be designed according to your creativity. 

This means that coworking space logos can design using unique, organic shapes. It provides freedom to create anything that suits your brand, as per the latest trends. 

Psychology of Colors 

The psychology of colors is the most crucial thing every designer needs to understand while creating a logo. It offers a significant visual impact on the eyes, stimulating various types of human reactions. From red to blue and green to orange, every color has a specific meaning and art of usage in the logos. 

By using the right colors, you can generate various emotions in the human psyche. For instance, red evokes feelings of love and power. It provides a bold impact on the eye, so they are preferred more for the designs. 

Similarly, the green color is associated with nature. It is also to be a color that provides an essence of peace. Hence, it could be a good choice for designing coworking space logos, as it is also to exhibit stability in style. 

Besides these, various other colors have their meaning. Using them depends on your choice as to how you want to style up the logos utilizing specific shades.   

Psychology of Fonts

It is a known fact that fonts do provide a substantial impact on the minds of people. It can make any wordmark bold, provided it is in use with the right colors and how psychology can make a logo. People are more interested in reading those business names that are present cleanly and smartly. That is where the importance of fonts comes into play. 

If you are designing a coworking space logo with a wordmark, you need to pay attention to the choice of the correct fonts. Many people recommend the usage of Sans and Sans Serif fonts. They are preferred due to their simple styling, as it offers easy readability to the eyes. 

Meanwhile, some designers also prefer fonts like Arial or Helvetica to give the logos a more persuasive look. All of this would also depend on understanding the psychology of your target market. It will provide you with better ideas to select the right fonts quickly to suit the logo best. 

Psychology of Branding

It is also essential to consider the theme of branding while designing a coworking space logo. It would help if you kept in mind the impact of symbols on various types of branding materials. This will help you to know what type and style of logo will suit branding. 

Sometimes, people do not pay attention to the branding part while designing the logos. They do not anticipate how the branding of the coworking environment can be done through symbols. As a result, they fail to create logos that can attract people’s attention. It automatically affects the branding, which gives their brands a lesser opportunity to take an edge in the market.

Therefore, it is always to consider the part of branding before finalizing any logo design. It is a known fact that branding does play an essential element in elevating any company’s stature. So, it should always be considered carefully while creating any coworking space logo.

Understanding the Industry Relevancy

If you are designing a logo for a coworking space company, you should also remember that it needs to be relevant to the industry. A logo that doesn’t demonstrate any relation with the coworking space will not likely get attention from the audience. It should illustrate something like a covered room or roof to give the idea of shared working space. 

This is a typical example of design psychology that can let people know about a company’s background. It will help showcase a perfect logo and allow users to effortlessly understand it after looking at its relevance with the industry.   

How Psychology Make a Logo: Final Words

That concludes our whole article in which we have defined the basics of psychology while designing a logo. It is an important subject that helps finalize the structure of a logo after understanding the general perception of the people. Various things come into play while understanding the psychology of logo design. 

Especially when you are designing a logo for the coworking space, you need to know about some critical points. This will simplify your research and give you tons of ideas on how to illustrate the shared working space with a creative visual figure. 

Meanwhile, you can always check out some other essential tips and tricks on the internet as well. There are numerous resources available on the web that will enhance your understanding of the moral psychology of a logo design.