How Timezone API Can Help Your Web/Mobile Application To Be In The Right Place At The Right Time

In this article, you'll see how timezone API can help your web and mobile application the be in the right place at the right time.

Updated on July 25, 2022
How Timezone API Can Help Your Web/Mobile Application To Be In The Right Place At The Right Time

Although in the past time differences between distant locations were barely acknowledged due to a lack of long-distance communication or commute. The interconnectedness of globalization and technology has created a need for accurate global time information. In this article, you’ll see how timezone API can help you web and mobile application the be in the right place at the right time.


Suppose you’re scheduling a meeting with an international business partner or working to deliver projects to clients across the globe. Not knowing or adjusting to your partner or client’s time zone can lead to meetings and lost opportunities. Which can hurt your business in the long run.

Time zones can be particularly important for your website or mobile application. So, especially if your products are time-related or you’re dealing with international clients. To that end, your best option is to always show the time in the local time zone of your end-user. This is made easy with Timezone APIs that help your web. Or mobile application always adjust to the right place and the right time.

What Is A Timezone API and how it help?

Generally, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) serve as communication channels between computer programs. In the same way, timezone APIs “communicate” timezone data to your application based on specific location inputs.

Adding accurate timezone information is a common difficulty for developers creating an application. As there are many variables required for the task. Although there are other options available, integrating a Timezone API is the simplest and most time-effective solution. In addition, It enables easy access to data with no additional setup.

Features Of Timezone APIs

Databases for Timezone APIs store dates efficiently while making queries as fast as possible. You can search for time and date-related information such as current time, dates, or time zone parameters. Although the parameters vary between APIs, you can generally obtain data form the timezone API with the following input variations:

  • Time Zone Name
  • Address And Location Coordinates
  • IP Address

Time Zone Name: How

If you are looking for a specific time zone. You can enter the valid name of the time zone as a query parameter. For example, if you are looking for the time zone of Los Angeles, you may enter the following:

# Get ‘America/Los_Angeles’ timezone information.

This input will generate the time zone, time zone offset, the date. Week, month, year, time in UNIX timestamp, UTC/GMT offset, and daylight saving time.

Address And Location Coordinates

You can also input any location address as a query parameter to get the time zone information. This would contain the country, state, and city. To do this, you would enter the following:

# Get time zone information for the address ‘Manchester, UK’.

Alternatively, you can also enter the coordinates alone (latitude and longitude) to obtain the same result: 

# Get time zone information for 53.4808, 2.2426 coordinates.

IP Address Timezone API Help

Lastly, you can enter any IPv4 or IPv6 address as a query parameter to generate regional timezone information. For this, you may pass the following:

# Get time zone information for IP address ‘’.

When you obtain time zone information with an IP address, the API will also return the geo field of the location.

Use Cases Of Timezone APIs

As mentioned before, timezone APIs are most useful for companies or platforms that operate internationally.

Teams that work from locations around the globe can benefit from accurate and updated time zone information by having improved communication and scheduling. The same applies to individuals who travel a lot between timezones, as the API will keep them up-to-date and time, no matter how many time zones they pass through.

If you are running an eCommerce website, then the API will be able to tell you where your buyers are coming from, so you can adjust your messaging, alerts, and promotions according to the customers’ local time. You will also be able to display accurate delivery times for each customer depending on the delivery destination.

Timezone API Help: Final Words

Managing different time zones on applications may seem challenging if you have just begun to explore the option. However, Timezone APIs can provide a quick and easy solution that can streamline the process both for you and your end-user.

Time zone APIs can generate specific time and date information based on a time zone name, the address and coordinates of a location, and an IP address. In all cases, you will receive detailed data about the time zone of the designated users.

The benefits of Timezone APIs extend to international teams, frequent traveler companies, and eCommerce websites, among others. Whatever the purpose of your platform is, if you are dealing with international users, Timezone APIs can ensure your application is always in the right place at the right time.