How to Add a WordPress Pricing Calculator Form to the Website

WordPress Cost & Pricing Calculator has benefits, there are ways to add a calculator form to website, Let's understand it here in this guide

By Claudio Pires
Updated on February 21, 2024
How to Add a WordPress Pricing Calculator Form to the Website

The pricing of products and services determines the success of the product in competitive markets. If you charge it too high, the consumers won’t do it as they say the prices are beyond propensity. But at the same time, you can not undercharge it as people might not give due value to the product. This guide teaches how to add a WordPress pricing & cost calculator form to your website.

There are different factors to the pricing of a product. Apart from the manufacturing cost and market component, the manufacturers follow the “value” offering of the product as the cost determiner. This model is called value-based pricing. 

Accurate computations are now shaped by technology, and the role of Pricing Calculator or WordPress calculators can not be refuted. The better you calculate, the more accurate your pricing will be. The following article discusses the addition of WordPress pricing calculators and the way to add the form to your business website. So let’s get started with the discussion. 

What Is A Pricing Calculator?

A pricing calculator is a tool through which the manufacturers can introduce the product through a value-based pricing model. Here the manufacturer uses some predetermined factors like the feature, quality, shelf life, number of active years, and estimated profit it can offer to the business. In addition, the picture that portrays the numeric value presentation gives assurance and confidence to the buyers.

The buyers are now highly aware, and they blindly do not buy a product. Since they invest their hard-earned money and want to be assured of the utility and value it provides in business. The price calculator is used to develop a convincing revenue model using the WordPress cost and pricing calculator form addition guide.

Why Are They So Important In Business?

Price calculators are highly significant in today’s business models. They are important in business to assess the value of the business. 

1. Pinpoints Financial Benefits

With the help of pricing calculators, you can pinpoint the financial benefits directly to the customers. So, you can do it with the help of computations. 

2. Lead Generation to Add a WordPress Pricing Calculator Form

It is found from studies that pricing calculators are effective in generating leads in the market. They are better compared to the traditional offers. With the help of a value-based model, you can attract customers.

3. Emphasize Value Over Prices

With the help of the pricing calculators, you can focus more on the value over the prices. Customers have the money and want to be sure about the value they can get here using the WordPress cost and pricing calculator form addition guide.

4. Establishing Trust

A company turns into a brand by dint of trust building. You can use the pricing calculators to establish trust in the buyer’s mind. Moreover, this is helpful in developing successful businesses.

5. Working Across Channels  to Add a WordPress Pricing Calculator Form

You can integrate the value Calculator on multiple channels like your website, media networks, and the business. So, the pricing calculators offer loads of data to customers. 

Adding WordPress Pricing Calculators Form To The Website

You might know that the world is driven by eCommerce. People are visiting the shops less and ordering products online. According to a study by Statista, around 2.14 billion digital buyers buy their products and services across the globe. Moreover, do you run an eCommerce business and operate with the help of your website? There is great news for you.

Now you can integrate calculations on order forms. You need to integrate an order from a form or for wordpress. Now you might ask the reason for it. If you integrate a WordPress calculator form, you have multiple advantages.

Customers select a different number of units of one product in various units. They even buy products in different colors. The pricing becomes easy, and customers do not have to make separate calculations based on the specifications. 

What Do You Get With These?

The WordPress price calculator will manage these calculations. It makes the entire buying process convenient. The calculations are all managed accurately. Thus integrating the system becomes beneficial for both the buyers and the sellers. A notable example can be the WordPress calculator plugin by Style-mix Themes. With these, you get benefits like:

  • Intuitive Interface.
  • Customization.
  • Calculation Builders.
  • Estimation forms.
  • Instant estimations.
  • Calculator view.
  • Payment methods.

Three is a step-by-step method of adding a WordPress Pricing Calculator. 

Step 1: Creating An Order Form to Add a WordPress Pricing Calculator Form

Creating a form is simple. All you need to do is select a template or create a form from Scratch..

Step 2:Creating The Calculator

First, you have to install the cost calculator. You can get them online. Next, what you need is to create the Calculator. Once you activate the plug-in, the icon will appear in the WordPress dashboard menu. Click Create New. Different calculator names, like Photography, delivery services, and renovations, will appear on the screen. You have to choose from the calculator options. 

Step 3: Editing Calculator: WordPress Pricing Calculator Form

When you select from among the calculators, you will be able to view the prices that you have to pay against the particular ones. You will have to select from the packages. On the left side, you have different elements like Dropdown, Line, Multi-Range, Check Box, Radio, Text, Total, Quantity, Toggle button, and Drop Down with image. You have to select the ones that you are searching for. 

Step 4: Setting Menu 

You have sent forms, currency, woo products, PayPal, captcha and default forms, notice, and others in the settings menu. All these are important functions so far as the design and operation are concerned. 

Step 5: Customize

Here you can customize the website by putting your colors, designs, and photography. This is the design part of the form. Though they are not directly related to operations, they add to aesthetics. 

Step 6: Add The Payment Options 

Now add the payment options that you can allow your customers. You can add different payment options like cash on delivery and debit or credit card purchases. 

Finally, Publish You New Calculator Form

This is the last step of your adding price calculator form. To place the form on your page, click on Add Blocks. Then select formidable forms. Finally, your work is done, and your WordPress calculator is ready to go live. 

We hope this article is helpful and you got the answers you were looking for.

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