Do you want to allow your customers to do a booking reservation directly from your WordPress site for free? We will show you how to do that. Many businesses need an appointment booking WordPress form that allows customers to easily book an appointment online. So, In this post, we will show how to do that on your WordPress website for free.

How to Add Booking and Reservation in WordPress Websites For Free?

For this guide, we’ll be using a free WordPress plugin, the Advanced Booking Calendar WordPress plugin. Because you can download it for free on WordPress org website. In addition, this plugin has a pro version but we’ll keep it all free on this article. As a result, show that you can have the results even in the free version of it.

Part 1 Display Booking Form

After activating the plugin you see a new element in the WordPress-Admin “Advanced Booking Calendar”. Click on it and go to the settings. Firstly, check this email address carefully, since all booking requests will be sent to this address.

In addition, you can select a page where you have placed the booking form shortcode. You have to add the shortcode [abc-bookingform] manually to this page to do the booking reservation in WordPress. The page will be in the link. So, if the user selects dates on the single calendar shortcode. If you have not created a booking form page yet, just ignore this setting. You can come back later and edit the link.

Currency: Enter the currency code you are going to bill in. Date format: Please select a date format that fits you best. It’s going to be used by all calendars and by the booking form. Price format: The price format is used at all times when prices are shown. Cookies:

This plugin can use Browser Cookies to do the booking reservation in WordPress. if you want to. Inputs the user does in the booking form regarding his stay are being stored in a cookie for 6 months. No personal information is, only dates and number of guests. If the user later returns to your site, the dates are automatically set. and finally, Google Analytics

Part 2 Display Booking Form: Booking Reservation WordPress Free

Finally, in this video you’ll learn how to display the booking forms and calendar on your pages, posts, footer and sidebar.

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